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     Chitra Painters
     Global Agencies
     National Industries
     Basil Advertising Mamala
     Aegis Communications Pvt Ltd
     Artsindia Interiors & Advertisers
     Vincent Arts
     Super Advertisers
     Seven Arts Advertising
     Outlook Communications Pvt Ltd
     Focus Designers & Advertisers
     Innovations Advtsg
     Aegis Communications Pvt Ltd
     Holly Yard
     Tbwa India
     Media Communications
     Graphic Designers & Printers
     Eminent Composites Pvt Ltd
     P P Mathukutty & Co
     S M Bahauddin & Co
     Time Shop Advertising & Marketing P Ltd
     Thomas Joseph F C A
     T P Sivaram Krishnan
     Sekhar V V
     Sajeev Associates
     Indage Promotions
     G K Ratheesh Kumar
     Frg Associates
     A S Nath
     Menon & Menon
     Menon & Iyer
     M M Herbert & Co
     Kunjukunnju C J
     K P Vargheese & Co
     John Lukose & Associates
     Jerry Sunny & Rajesh
     Prima Agro Ltd
     Airlift Freight Forwarders P Ltd
     Evergreen Systems
     Evergreen Systems
     Credit Capital Venture Fund (India) Ltd
     Sujith Travel Corpn
     Gulf India Tours & Travels
     Govan Travels (Unit Of Dalmia Cement P Ltd)
     J J Travel International
     Sahara Air Lines
     Royal Group Of Companies
     Standard Aluminium Industries
     Aluminium & Allied Centre
     J J Aluminum
     Bethel Metals Labels
     Standard Aluminium Industries
     Dhanwandhari Service Society
     Anand Oil Extraction Pvt Ltd
     Silpi Agro Tech P Ltd
     Prima Group Ltd Animal Feed Division
     New Aluminium Syndicate
     Infra Housing Pvt Ltd
     Anas & James Associates
     Great Arc
     T Jacob & Co
     Black Tulip Stained Glass Studio
     Kerala Kalapeedom
     Indoor Creations
     Colors Artists Requisites
     National Co Op Consumers Federation Ltd
     Kerala State Tank Lorry Workers Union
     Kerala Head Load Workers Welfare Board
     John Lukose & Associates
     Angamaly Merchants Association
     General Foreign Trade
     Ernakulam Shop's & Commercial Employees Union
     Ernakulam Regional Co-Operative Milk Producers Union Ltd
     Ernakulam Merchants Union
     Ernakulam Dist Private Bus Operators Association
     Enk Dist Construction General Workers Union
     Ekm Jilla Ketidanirmana Thozhilali Union
     Cyriac Elias Voluntary Association ( C E V A Bhavan)
     City Auto Drivers Welfare Society
     Chethu Thozhilali Union
     Chakkuthara Marketing Associates
     Ceva (Cyriac Elias Voluntary Associaton)
     Ceva (cyriac Elias Voluntary Association)
     Ymca South West Region
     Udupi Madhwa Mandiram Trust
     Staff & Students Co-op Society Ltd
     Small Scale Industries Association
     C Saravana Swamy
     New Tech Services
     Ganaganga Audio And Video
     Smec Automation Pvt Ltd
     Marangadath Automobiles
     Rani Motors
     Kingston Engineering Industries
     Press Metal Works
     Chakiath Engineering Works
     Deluxe Automobiles
 Accountants- Chartered
 Acrylic- Sheets
 Advertising Agencies & Counsellors
 Advertising- Directory & Guide
 Advertising- Films
 Advertising- Newspaper
 Advertising- Outdoor
 Agency Houses
 Agricultural Chemicals
 Agricultural Marketing
 Air Cargo Service
 Air Conditioning Contractors
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems
 Air Travel Ticket Agencies
 Airline Companies
 Aluminium Fabricators
 Aluminium Products
 Ambulance Service
 Animal & Poultry Health Products & Medicines
 Animal Foods- Zoo Circus Etc
 Art Galleries & Dealers
 Art Schools
 Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees- Materials
 Artists' Materials & Supplies
 Audio Equipments- Repairs & Service
 Audio- Visual Equipment & Supplies
 Automation Consultants
 Automobile Accessories
 Automobile Body Manufacturers
 Automobile Consultants
 Automobile Dealers- New Cars
 Automobile Dealers- Used Cars
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Retail
 Automobile Repairing & Service
 Automobile Repairing & Service- Equipment & Supplies
 Automobile Undercoating & Rustproofing
 Ayurvedic Medicines- Manufacturers
 Baby Foods- Retail
 Bags- Burlap Canvas Cotton & Jute- Manufacturers
 Bags- Plastic & Transparent
 Bags- Retail
 Bags- Speciality
 Bakers' Equipment
 Bakers- Retail
 Bakers- Wholesale
 Bathroom Accessories
 Batteries- Storage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Batteries- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Battery Dealers
 Beauty Culture Schools
 Beauty Salons
 Beauty Salons- Accessories & Supplies
 Beds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Bicycles- Dealers & Repairers
 Bicycles- Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Retailers
 Blood Banks & Centres
 Boarding Houses
 Boiler Distrs & Manufacturers
 Book Dealers- Retail
 Book Dealers- Wholesale
 Books- Retail
 Borewell Contractors
 Building & Flats Promoters
 Building Construction Consultants
 Building Contractors
 Building Materials
 Buses- Bodies
 Business Centres
 Business Consultants
 Cable Jointing Equipment Accessories & Supplies
 Cable Terminals Lugs & Sockets
 Calibration Services
 Call Centre Services
 Cargo Service
 Carpet & Rug Dealers- New
 Cassettes- Audio
 Cellophane & Cellulose Materials & Products
 Cellular Telephones- Accessories & Supplies
 Cellular Telephones- Sales & Service
 Cement- Retail
 Ceramic Products- Decorative
 Chemical Plant Equipment & Supplies
 Chemicals- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chit Funds
 Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco- Dealers- Wholesale
 Cigar Cigarette Beedi & Tobacco- Manufacturers
 Clearing & Forwarding Agents
 Coconut Products
 Coffee Dealers- Retail
 Coir & Coir Products
 Cold Storage
 Commission Agents
 Communication Equipment
 Computer Accessories & Supplies
 Computer Data Processing
 Computer Dealers
 Computer Maintenance & Repairs
 Computer Peripherals and Consumables
 Computer Schools & Training Centres
 Computer Software Development & Packages
 Computer Software Packages
 Computer- Security
 Computers- LAN/WAN
 Concrete Products
 Confectionery & Candy- Retail
 Construction Equipment & Supplies
 Construction Management
 Consultants- Financing
 Consultants- Management
 Consultants- Technical
 Consultants- Travel
 Consumer Products- Direct Selling
 Contact Lenses
 Contractors' Equipment & Supplies
 Contractors- Building
 Contractors- Civil
 Contractors- Engineering General
 Convention Services & Facilities
 Convents & Monasteries
 Corrugated Boxes
 Cosmetics & Perfumes- Retail
 Courier Service
 Cranes- Renting
 Crockery- Retail
 Crockery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Cultural Organisations
 Curtains- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Dairy Products- Wholesale
 Dental Equipment & Supplies
 Dental Surgeons
 Dental Surgeons- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
 Dental Surgeons- Orthodontists
 Department Stores
 Diagnostic Centres
 Diamonds & Jewellery Bought
 Die Cutting Equipment & Supplies
 Die Makers
 Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment
 Doctors- Anaesthesiology
 Doctors- Andrology
 Doctors- Cardiology (Heart Specialists)
 Doctors- Chest & T B Specialists
 Doctors- Dermatology (Skin)
 Doctors- Diabetes
 Doctors- Ear Nose Throat
 Doctors- General Medicine
 Doctors- General Surgery
 Doctors- Gynaecology
 Doctors- Internal Medicine
 Doctors- Nephrology (Kidney Specialists)
 Doctors- Neurological Surgery
 Doctors- Neurology
 Doctors- Nuclear Medicine
 Doctors- Obstetrics & Gynaecology
 Doctors- Oncology (Cancer Specialists)
 Doctors- Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists)
 Doctors- Orthopaedics (Bone Specialists)
 Doctors- Paediatric Surgery
 Doctors- Paediatrics (Child Specialists)
 Doctors- Psychiatry
 Doctors- Psychologist
 Doctors- Radiology
 Doctors- Urology
 Domestic Services
 Door Closers & Checks
 Dramatic Instruction
 Driving Instruction
 Drums & Barrels
 Duty Free Shops
 Dyers- Garments & Household Fabrics
 Earthmoving Equipment
 Educational Consultants
 Educational Institutes
 Eggs- Dried
 Eggs- Wholesale
 Electric Appliances
 Electric Appliances- Small
 Electric Appliances- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Cables
 Electric Contractors
 Electric Distributors
 Electric Equipment & Supplies
 Electric Equipment- Service & Repairing
 Electric Motors- Repairing
 Electric Supplies- Retail
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale & Distrs
 Electro Plating
 Electronic Components
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Repairing
 Electronic Equipment Parts & Supplies
 Electronic Instruments
 Embroidery Supplies
 Employment Agencies
 Engineering Contractors
 Engineering Equipment & Supplies
 Engineers- Chartered
 Engineers- Civil
 Engineers- Mechanical
 Envelopes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Essence Favouring
 Estate Management
 Event Management Agencies
 Exhibitions- Trade Fairs- Booth Installation Contractors
 Exporters & Importers
 Exporters- Fish & Sea Food
 Exporters- Handicrafts
 Exporters- Leather Goods
 Fabrication- Household
 Fans- Electric- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Fax Transmission Service
 Fertilizers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Fibre & Fibre Products
 Fibre Glass Products
 Finance Companies- Licenced
 Financing- Housing
 Fire Protection Consultants
 Florists- Wholesale
 Flour Mills
 Food Preservation Service
 Food Processing & Packaging
 Food Products
 Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Foreign Money Changers
 Foundries- Iron
 Frozen Foods- Retail
 Fruit & Vegetable Juices- Distrs & Manufacturers
 Fruits & Vegetables- Retail
 Fruits & Vegetables- Wholesale
 Fruits- Dried
 Furniture Dealers- Retail
 Furniture Dealers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Furniture Manufacturers
 Garment Accessories
 Garments Readymade
 Garments Readymade- Retail
 Garments Readymade- Wholesale
 Garments- Distributors
 Gas Appliances
 Gas Appliances- Commercial & Industrial
 Gas- Industrial & Medical- Cylinder & Bulk
 General Merchandise- Retail
 General Merchandise- Wholesale
 Generators & Alternators
 Generators- Commercial & Industrial
 Generators- Repairing
 Gift Shops
 Giftwares- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Glass Dealers
 Glassware- Retail
 Graphic Designers
 Greeting Cards- Retail
 Greeting Cards- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Grinding Machines & Equipment
 Grocers- Retail
 Halls & Auditoriums
 Handloom Fabrics
 Hardware- Retail
 Health Club Equipment
 Health Club Equipment & Supplies Retail
 Hearing Aids
 Hire Purchase
 Home Appliances
 Home Appliances- Servicing
 Home Nursing Services
 Hospital Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Hospitals- Govt
 Hospitals- Private
 Hotel & Motel Equipment & Supplies
 Hotel Reservation Service
 Hotels & Motels- Out-Of-Town- Reservations
 Hotels- Out of Town
 Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies
 Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Immigration & Naturalization & Consultants
 Importers & Exporters
 Industrial Developments
 Inspection Bureaus
 Insulation Materials- Cold & Heat
 Insurance Companies
 Interior Decorators & Designers
 Interior Decorators- Turnkey Projects- Residential
 Internet Cafe
 Internet Services
 Investment Advisory Service
 Iron & Steel Merchants
 Jewellers- Manufacturers
 Jewellers- Retail
 Jewellery- Imitation
 Jewels- Imitation Stones
 Journalists- Accredited
 Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment- Household
 Kitchen Equipment & Appliances
 Kitchen Equipment & Supplies- Commercial
 Kitchen Equipment & Supplies- Household
 Labelling Equipment
 Labels- Pricing & Coding
 Laboratories- Medical
 Laminates- Decorative
 Laminating Equipment & Supplies
 Lamps- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Law Books
 Leather Goods Manufacturers' Supplies
 Leather Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Libraries- Circulating & Rental
 Liquor- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Machinery Manufacturers
 Magazines- Dealers
 Magazines- Distributors
 Marble- Natural
 Marketing Consultants
 Marriage Aid Bureaus
 Mats & Matting- Retail
 Mats & Matting- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Mattresses & Bedding
 Mattresses & Pillows
 Mattresses & Pillows- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Medicine Cabinets
 Medicines- Patent & Proprietary- Retail
 Meditation Instruction
 Metal Cutting Coolants
 Metal Treatment
 Milk Companies
 Millinery- Retail
 Money Changers
 Money Transfer Service
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Parts & Repairing
 Music Shop- Retail
 News Service
 Newspaper & Magazines
 Nursing Homes
 Oil Additives
 Oil Mills
 Oils- Edible
 Oils- Essential
 Oils- Lubricating
 Optical Goods- Retail
 Optical Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Opticians' Equipment & Supplies
 Opticians- Dispensing
 Orthopaedic Appliances
 Oxygen- Medical
 Packaging Machinery
 Packaging Materials
 Packaging- Printing
 Paint Dealers
 Paint Manufacturing Equipment
 Paint- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Paint- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Paper Bags
 Paper Dealers
 Paper Distributors
 Paper Tubes & Cores
 Perfume- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Pest Control
 Pest Control Services
 Petroleum Products
 Pharmaceutical Distributors
 Pharmaceutical Products- Raw Materials & Supplies
 Pharmaceutical Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Photo Colouring
 Photocopying Machines & Supplies
 Photographers- Portrait Weddings Parties Etc
 Photographic Colour Prints & Transparencies
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Retail
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Physical Fitness
 Pipe- Cement
 Pipe- PVC- Dealers
 Pipe- PVC- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Piping Contractors
 Plantation Development & Forestry
 Plastic Containers
 Plastic Packaging
 Plastic Products
 Plastic Products (Finished)- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plastics- Moulders
 Plumbing Contractors
 Plywood & Veneers- Retail
 Plywood & Veneers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Polyurethane Materials & Products
 Post Office Equipment
 Powder Coating
 Powder Coating Equipment & Supplies
 Printed & Etched Circuits
 Printers- Offset
 Public Call Office- Local/STD/ISD
 Publicity Service
 Publishers- Directory & Guide
 Pumping Stations
 Pumps- Chemical
 Pumps- Domestic
 Radiators- Automotive/Industrial
 Radiators- Motor Vehicles- Repairing
 Real Estate
 Real Estate Agents
 Real Estate Consultants
 Real Estate Developers
 Recruitment Agencies
 Refrigerators & Freezers
 Refrigerators & Freezers- Servicing
 Religious Organizations
 Roller Flour- Mill
 Rubber Brokers & Dealers
 Rubber Products
 Rubber Raw Materials
 Rubber Reclaiming
 Rubber Stamps
 Rubber- Foam & Sponge- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Rubber- Natural
 Sabotage Prevention Service
 Safety Equipment & Clothing
 Sales Promotion Service
 School Furniture & Equipment
 School Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Schools- Academic- Colleges & Universities
 Schools- Academic- Elementary & Secondary
 Schools- Handicapped disabled retarted
 Schools- Technical & Trade
 Screen Printing
 Security Services
 Septic Tanks
 Sewing Machines- Household
 Shoes- Manufacturers
 Silks- Retail
 Soaps & Detergents- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Social Service Organizations
 Social Settlements
 Societies- Cooperative
 Solar Energy Equipment
 Solar Water Heaters
 Sound Systems & Equipment- Renting
 Sporting Goods- Retail
 Sporting Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Sportswear- Retail
 Stationers' Supplies
 Stationery- Retail
 Stationery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Steel Alloys- Metal
 Steel Fabricators
 Steel Mills
 Steel Products
 Steel- Rerolling
 Stock & Share Brokers
 Studio Rental
 Sugar Brokers & Wholesalers
 Surgical Appliances
 Surveyors- Insurance
 Sweets & Savouries
 Switches- Electric & Electronic
 Tailors' Trimmings & Supplies
 Tailors- Ladies'
 Tailors- Men's
 Tailors- Wholesale
 Tailors- Wholesale & Custom
 Tanks- Concrete
 Tax Consultants
 Telecommunication Equipment & Supplies
 Telemarketing- Service Bureaus
 Telephone Information Services
 Television Channels
 Television Dealers- Retail
 Television Maintenance & Service
 Television Stations & Broadcasting Companies
 Textile Designers
 Textile Merchants
 Textile Manufacturers
 Tile- Ceramic- Dealers
 Tiles- Concrete
 Tiles- Designer- Concrete
 Timber Merchants- Retail
 Tobacco Machinery
 Tour Operators
 Tourist Information
 Tourists' Homes
 Training Centre And Facilities
 Transport Agents
 Transportation- Liquid & Bulk
 Transporters- Chemicals
 Travel Bureaus
 Truck Manufacturers & Assemblers
 Type- Rubber
 Tyre Dealers- Retail
 Tyre Dealers- Wholesale
 Tyre Distrs & Manufacturers
 Umbrellas- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Upholstery Fabrics- Retail
 UPS-Services & Repairs
 Veterinary Hospitals
 Video Studio- Rental
 Washing Machines Dryers & Ironers- Servicing
 Waste Paper
 Watches- Parts & Tools
 Watches- Retail
 Watches- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Water Companies- Bottled Bulk Etc
 Water Conservation
 Water Heaters
 Water Tanks
 Water Treatment Chemicals
 Water Treatment Equipment Service & Supplies
 Wedding Announcements & Invitations
 Weighing Machines
 Weighing Scales
 Welding Electrodes
 Welding Equipment & Supplies
 Welding Equipment- Renting
 Welding- Industrial
 Windows - Metal Wood Fibreglass Plastic Etc