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     Kizhakedath Flour Mills
     Ganesh Trading Corporation
     V N Enterprises
     Chaitanya Foods
     Prime Flour Mill
     Pozhiyil Flour Mills
     Parisons Infrastructur Pvt Ltd
     Babu Industries
     Arya Flour Mill
     Ambal Trading Co
 Accountants- Chartered
 Accountants- Cost & Works
 Accounting- Services
 Acid Proof Equipments & Materials
 Acoustical Consultants
 Acoustical Contractors
 Acrylic- Sheets
 Adhesives & Glues
 Advertising Agencies & Counsellors
 Advertising Cinema
 Advertising- Cable Media
 Advertising- Directory & Guide
 Advertising- Films
 Advertising- Neon
 Advertising- Newspaper
 Advertising- Outdoor
 Advertising- Television
 Agricultural Consultants
 Agricultural Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Air Compressors
 Air Conditioner Equipment- Manufacturers
 Air Conditioners- Manufacturers
 Air Conditioners- Rental
 Air Conditioners- Repairing and Servicing
 Air Conditioning Contractors
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Repairing & Cleaning
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Repairing & Servicing
 Air Conditioning-Central Plant-Repairing & Servicing
 Air Curtains & Screens
 Air Travel Ticket Agencies
 Aircraft Charter Rental & Leasing Service
 Airline Companies
 Airways Services
 Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centres
 Aluminium Fabricators
 Aluminium Products
 Ambulance Service
 Amusement Park Rides Equipment
 Animal Foods- Zoo Circus Etc
 Anti- Vibration Mountings
 Aquarium & Aquarium Supplies
 Architects' Supplies
 Art Galleries & Dealers
 Art Schools
 Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees
 Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees- Materials
 Artists- Commercial
 Asbestos & Asbestos Products
 Athletic Fields- Stadiums & Arenas
 Audio Equipments- Repairs & Service
 Audio Systems
 Audio- Visual Equipment & Supplies
 Audio- Visual Equipment- Rental
 Audio- Visual Production Services
 Automation Systems & Equipment
 Automobile Accessories
 Automobile Airconditioning
 Automobile Body Manufacturers
 Automobile Body Repairing & Painting
 Automobile Consultants
 Automobile Dealers- New Cars
 Automobile Dealers- New Trucks
 Automobile Dealers- Used Cars
 Automobile Gas Connections
 Automobile Machine Shop Service
 Automobile Manufacturers & Assemblers
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Manufacturers
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Repairing
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Retail
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Wholesale
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Automobile Radios & Stereo Systems- Sales & Service
 Automobile Repairing & Service
 Automobile Repairing & Service- Equipment & Supplies
 Automobile Seat Covers Tops & Upholstery- Materials & Equipm
 Automobile- Gas Conversion
 Autorickshaws- New
 Ayurvedic Medicines- Manufacturers
 Baby Goods
 Baby Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Bags- Burlap Canvas Cotton & Jute- Manufacturers
 Bags- Paper
 Bags- Plastic & Transparent
 Bags- Retail
 Bags- Speciality
 Bakers' Supplies
 Bakers- Retail
 Bakers- Wholesale
 Bamboo & Woven Wood Products- Retail
 Bank Representatives
 Barrels & Drums- Equipment & Supplies
 Barrels & Drums- Wooden
 Bathroom Accessories
 Batteries- Storage- Retail
 Batteries- Storage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Batteries- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Battery Charging Equipment
 Battery Dealers
 Battery Repairing & Rebuilding
 Battery Supplies
 Beauty Culture Schools
 Beauty Salons
 Beauty Salons- Equipment & Supplies
 Belting- Mechanical
 Beverage Coolers
 Beverages- Retail
 Bicycles- Dealers & Repairers
 Bicycles- Parts & Supplies- Manufacturers
 Bicycles- Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Retailers
 Boarding Houses
 Boat Builders
 Boat Dealers
 Boats- Charter & Rental
 Boiler Distrs & Manufacturers
 Boiler Repairing & Cleaning
 Book Dealers- Retail
 Book Dealers- Wholesale
 Bookbinders- Commercial
 Books- Retail
 Borewell Contractors
 Borewell- Drilling
 Bottle Caps & Seals
 Bottles- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Boxes- Wooden
 Brass Products
 Brushes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Building & Flats Promoters
 Building Construction Consultants
 Building Contractors
 Building Maintenance Renovation & Repairs
 Building Materials
 Business & Trade Organizations
 Business Cards
 Business Centres
 Buying Agents
 Cable Support Systems
 Cable Televisions
 Call Centre Services
 Candle Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Candles- Retail
 Candles- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Caps & Gowns
 Caps- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Car Renting & Leasing
 Carbide Metals & Products
 Carbon Black
 Carbon Brushes
 Carbon- Dioxide
 Cargo & Forwarding Agents
 Cargo Service
 Carpet & Rug Dealers- New
 Cash In Transit Service
 Cash Registers & Supplies
 Cassettes- Audio
 Castings- Aluminium
 Castings- Iron
 Caterers' Equipment & Supplies
 CD- Rom Products & Services
 Cellular Telephones- Accessories & Supplies
 Cellular Telephones- Sales & Service
 Cement- Retail
 Cement- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Ceramic Products- Decorative
 Ceramic Products- Industrial
 Chain Pulley Blocks
 Chairs- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chemical Cleaning- Industrial
 Chemical Plant Equipment & Supplies
 Chemicals- Dealers
 Chemicals- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chit Funds
 Cigar & Cigarette Lighter Fluid
 Cigar Cigarette Beedi & Tobacco- Manufacturers
 Civil Organization
 Cleaning Compounds- Retail
 Cleaning Compounds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Clearing & Forwarding Agents
 Clinics- Ultrasound
 Coaching Classes
 Coal & Coke- Retail
 Coal & Coke- Wholesale
 Coffee & Tea Making Machines
 Coffee Brokers
 Coffee Dealers- Retail
 Cold Rooms- Manufacturers
 Cold Storage
 Commission Agents
 Commodity Brokers
 Communications Consultants
 Company Secretaries
 Compressors- Air & Gas
 Computer & Data Processing Equipment- Maintenance
 Computer Accessories & Supplies
 Computer Components
 Computer Consultants
 Computer Dealers
 Computer Maintenance & Repairs
 Computer Peripherals and Consumables
 Computer Peripherals Maintenance
 Computer Print- Head Re- Conditioning
 Computer Printers- Parts & Supplies
 Computer Programming Consultants
 Computer Schools & Training Centres
 Computer Software Development & Packages
 Computer Software Packages
 Computer- Cad/Cam Services
 Computers- LAN/WAN
 Computers- Manufacturers
 Computers- Multimedia
 Computers- Rental
 Concrete Products
 Concrete- Ready Mixed
 Confectionery & Candy- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Construction Chemicals
 Construction Management
 Consultants ISO9000/ISO14000/QS9000
 Consultants- Earth Resources & Environment
 Consultants- Electrical
 Consultants- Financing
 Consultants- Food Processing
 Consultants- Foreign Trade
 Consultants- Human Resources Development
 Consultants- Industrial
 Consultants- Management
 Consultants- Technical
 Consultants- Travel
 Consumer Products- Direct Selling
 Contact Lenses
 Contractors- Building
 Contractors- Civil
 Controls Control Systems & Regulators
 Convention Services & Facilities
 Convents & Monasteries
 Cooking Utensils- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Cooling Towers
 Cosmetics & Perfumes- Retail
 Cosmetics & Toilet Preparations- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Cosmetics- Herbal
 Counselling Service
 Courier Service
 Cranes- Renting
 Credit Card & Other Credit Plans- Equipment & Supplies
 Crockery- Retail
 Crockery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Crushing & Pulverizing Equipment
 Cultural Organisations
 Curtains- Retail
 Custom Clearing Agency
 Customer Relation- Management
 Dairy Products- Retail
 Dairy Products- Wholesale
 Data Processing Service
 Data Systems- Consultants & Designers
 Day Nurseries Nursery Schools & Kindergardens
 Decoration Contractors- Party Convention Etc
 Dental Colleges & Hospitals
 Dental Equipment & Supplies
 Dental Surgeons
 Dental Surgeons- Aesthetic
 Dental Surgeons- Endodontists
 Dental Surgeons- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
 Dental Surgeons- Oral Surgery
 Dental Surgeons- Orthodontists
 Dental Surgeons- Periodontists
 Dental Surgeons- Prosthodontists
 Department Stores
 Desk Top Publishing
 Detective Agencies
 Detergent- Manufacturers & Supplies
 Diagnostic Centres
 Diagnostic Equipment & Supplies
 Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment
 Direct Marketing Services
 Distributing Service- Circular Sample Etc
 Doctors- Accupuncture/Accupressure
 Doctors- Allergy Asthma & Immunology
 Doctors- Anaesthesiology
 Doctors- Cardiology (Heart Specialists)
 Doctors- Chest & T B Specialists
 Doctors- Dermatology (Skin)
 Doctors- Diabetes
 Doctors- Ear Nose Throat
 Doctors- Gastroenterology
 Doctors- General Medicine
 Doctors- General Surgery
 Doctors- Gynaecology
 Doctors- Homoeopathy
 Doctors- Internal Medicine
 Doctors- Nephrology (Kidney Specialists)
 Doctors- Neurological Surgery
 Doctors- Neurology
 Doctors- Obstetrics & Gynaecology
 Doctors- Occupational Medicine
 Doctors- Oncology (Cancer Specialists)
 Doctors- Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists)
 Doctors- Orthopaedics (Bone Specialists)
 Doctors- Paediatric Surgery
 Doctors- Paediatrics (Child Specialists)
 Doctors- Pathology
 Doctors- Physical Therapists
 Doctors- Physiotherapy
 Doctors- Plastic Surgery
 Doctors- Psychiatry
 Doctors- Psychologist
 Doctors- Radiology
 Doctors- Sonology
 Doctors- Ultrasonologist
 Doctors- Urology
 Documentary Presentations
 Driving Instruction
 Drug Addiction Information & Treatment Centres
 Drug Stores
 Druggists- Wholesale
 Drums & Barrels
 Dust Bins
 Dyers- Garments & Household Fabrics
 E- Commerce
 Earthmoving Equipment
 Educational Consultants
 Educational Cooperative Organizations
 Educational Institutes
 Effluent Treatment Chemicals
 Electric Appliances
 Electric Appliances- Small
 Electric Appliances- Small- Repairing
 Electric Cables
 Electric Companies
 Electric Components- Manufacturers
 Electric Contractors
 Electric Distributors
 Electric Equipment
 Electric Equipment & Supplies
 Electric Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electric Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Equipment- Service & Repairing
 Electric Lamp Bulbs & Tubes
 Electric Motors
 Electric Motors- Dealers & Repairing
 Electric Motors- Repairing
 Electric Supplies- Retail
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale & Distrs
 Electric Switchboards
 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
 Electrical Power Transmission Materials
 Electrical Switchgear
 Electro Plating
 Electronic Components
 Electronic Components- Manufacturers
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Repairing
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electronic Equipment Parts & Supplies
 Electronic Instrument & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electronic Instruments
 Electronic Parts Assembling & Servicing
 Electronic Power Supplies
 Electronic Testing Equipment
 Electronics Research & Development
 Elevators- Freight & Passenger- Commercial & Industrial
 Employment Agencies
 Energy Conservation
 Engineering Consultancy Services
 Engineering Contractors
 Engineers- Architectural
 Engineers- Chartered
 Engineers- Civil
 Engineers- Consulting
 Engineers- Electrical
 Engineers- Fabrication
 Engineers- Industrial
 Engineers- Marine
 Engineers- Mechanical
 Engineers- Structural
 Engineers- Welding
 Engines- Diesel- Fuel Injection Service & Parts
 Engravers- Metal
 Envelopes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Essence Favouring
 Estate Management
 Event Management Agencies
 Executive Search Consultants
 Exhibitions & Trade Shows
 Exhibitions- Trade Fairs- Booth Installation Contractors
 Export Consultants
 Exporters & Importers
 Exporters Food- Products
 Exporters- Fish & Sea Food
 Exporters- Garments
 Exporters- Leather Goods
 Exporters- Timber
 Fabrics- Industrial
 Facsimile Communication Equipment & Supplies
 Fans- Electric- Dealers
 Fans- Electric- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Fax Transmission Service
 Feed Dealers
 Fertilizers- Organic
 Fertilizers- Retail
 Fertilizers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Fibre & Fibre Products
 Fibre Glass Materials
 Fibre Glass Products
 Film & T V Programme Producers & Distributors
 Films- Industrial & Commercial
 Finance Companies- Licenced
 Financing- Housing
 Fire Alarm Systems
 Fire Extinguishers- Commercials & Industrial
 Fire Protection Consultants
 Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
 Fish & Seafood- Smoked dried etc
 Fish & Seafood- Wholesale
 Fish By- Products
 Fishing Requisites
 Flats & Building Promoters
 Flavouring Essences Manufacturers
 Floors- Materials & Laying
 Floors- Wooden
 Florists' Supplies
 Florists- Retail
 Florists- Wholesale
 Flour Mills
 Foam Products
 Food & Beverage Consultants
 Food Plans
 Food Processing & Packaging
 Food Products
 Foods- Dehydrated- Retail
 Foot Appliances
 Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Foreign Money Changers
 Foundries- Iron
 Foundry Equipment & Supplies
 Fountains- Garden display etc
 Freight Consolidating
 Frozen Foods- Processors
 Fruit & Vegetable Juices- Distrs & Manufacturers
 Fruits & Vegetable Juices- Retail
 Fruits & Vegetables- Retail
 Fuel Injection Equipment- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Furnishing- Commercial & Residential
 Furniture Dealers- Retail
 Furniture Dealers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Furniture Manufacturers
 Furniture Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Furniture- Custom Made
 Furniture- Fittings Fixtures & Accessories
 Garment- Machinery
 Garments Readymade
 Garments Readymade- Retail
 Garments Readymade- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Garments- Distributors
 Gas Appliances
 Gas Appliances- Commercial & Industrial
 Gas Appliances- Servicing
 Gas Burners- Supplies & Parts
 Gas Companies
 Gas Convertion Kit
 Gas Distributors
 Gas- Industrial & Medical- Cylinder & Bulk
 Gas- Liquefied Petroleum- Bottled & Bulk
 Gates Automatic
 Gear Boxes
 Gears & Gear Cutting
 General Merchandise- Retail
 General Merchandise- Wholesale
 Generators & Alternators
 Generators- Commercial & Industrial
 Generators- Commercial & Industrial- Parts & Supplies
 Generators- Electric
 Generators- Hiring & Leasing
 Generators- Household/Portable
 Generators- Manufacturers
 Generators- Repairing
 Geologists - B2C
 Gift Shops
 Gifts & Novelties- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Giftwares- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Glass Dealers
 Glass- Etched & Stained
 Glass- Motorcar Plate Window Etc- Dealers
 Glove Manufacturers'supplies
 Gold & Silver- Refiners & Dealers
 Graphic Designers
 Greeting Cards- Retail
 Grills - B2C
 Grinding Machines & Equipment
 Grocers- Retail
 Guest Houses
 Gunny Sacks
 Gymnasiums- Equipment & Supplies
 Gypsum & Gypsum Products
 Halls & Auditoriums
 Handicraft Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hardware- Retail
 Hardware- Tools
 Hassocks- Retail
 Hatcheries- Poultry
 Health Care Centres
 Health Care Products & Appliances
 Health Club Equipment & Supplies Retail
 Health Clubs
 Hearing Aids
 Heavy Equipment Brokers
 Hire Purchase
 Hoists- Repairing
 Home Appliances
 Home Appliances- Servicing
 Home Nursing Services
 Homes- Institutional aged rest etc
 Hose & Tubing- Rubber Plastic Etc
 Hospital Consultants
 Hospital Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Hospital Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hospital Equipments- Maintenance Repairs And Servicing
 Hospitals- Mental
 Hospitals- Private
 Hotel Reservation Service
 Hotels- Out of Town
 House & Building Movers
 House Cleaning
 Housewares- Retail
 Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies
 Hydraulic Equipment Repairing
 Ice Blocks- Manufacturers
 Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
 Ice Cream Distrs
 Ice Cream Manufacturers' Supplies
 Identification Cards
 Immigration & Naturalization & Consultants
 Incense- Retail
 Industrial Developments
 Industrial Equipment & Supplies
 Inks- Printing & Lithographing
 Inspection Bureaus
 Instrumentation & Control Panels
 Instrumentation Contractors
 Instrumentation- Indicating & Control- Consultants
 Insulated Containers & Carriers
 Insulation Contractors- Cold & Heat
 Insulation Materials- Cold & Heat
 Insurance Companies
 Insurance Consultants
 Interior Decorators & Designers
 Interior Decorators' & Designers' Supplies & Accessories
 Interior Decorators- Turnkey Projects- Indl. & Comml.
 Internet Cafe
 Internet Service Provider
 Internet Services
 Internet- Solution & Services
 Investment Advisory Service
 Investment Schemes
 Iron & Steel Merchants
 Iron Ornamental Work
 Irrigation Systems & Equipment
 Janitor Service
 Jewellers- Retail
 Jewellery Designers
 Jewellery- Imitation
 Journalists- Accredited
 Key Makers
 Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment- Household
 Kitchen Equipment & Appliances
 Labelling Equipment
 Laboratories- Analytical
 Laboratories- Medical
 Laboratories- Testing
 Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
 Labour Contractors
 Laminates- Decorative
 Lamination- Photo & Poster
 Laminations- Motors & Transformer
 Landscape Designers
 Laundry Equipment
 Law Books
 Leather Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Light Bulbs & Tubes
 Lighting Fixtures- Retail
 Lighting Fixtures- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Liquor Stores
 Liquor- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Lottery Ticket Agents
 Luggage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Machine Tools
 Machine Tools- Accessories
 Machinery Rebuilding & Repairing
 Magazines- Distributors
 Magazines- Subscription Agents
 Marble Contractors
 Marble Cutting Machinery
 Marble- Natural
 Marine Consultants
 Marine Electronic Equipment & Supplies
 Marine Equipment & Supplies
 Marine Equipment- Repairers
 Marine Machinery
 Market Research & Analysis
 Marketing Consultants
 Marriage Aid Bureaus
 Material Handling Equipment
 Material Handling Equipment & Supplies
 Mattresses & Bedding
 Mattresses & Pillows
 Mattresses & Pillows- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Medical Electronics
 Medical Practioners Eqpt & Supplies
 Medical Service Organizations
 Medical Transcription
 Medicine Cabinets
 Medicines- Patent & Proprietary- Retail
 Metal Detectors
 Metal Finishers
 Metal Working Machinery
 Milk Companies
 Mirrors- Manufacturers' Supplies
 Money Changers
 Money Transfer Service
 Mosquito Abatement
 Motor Cycles & Motor Scooters- Supplies & Parts- Retail
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Parts & Repairing
 Musical Instruments- Dealers
 Musical Instruments- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 News Service
 Newspaper & Magazines
 Notaries- Public
 Nurseries- Retail
 Nursing Homes
 Office Automation
 Office Equipment & Supplies
 Office Supplies
 Offshore Services
 Oil Companies
 Oil Mills
 Oil Processing Machinery
 Oils- Edible
 Oils- Essential
 Optical Goods- Retail
 Optical Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Opticians' Equipment & Supplies
 Opticians- Dispensing
 Orthopaedic Appliances
 Ovens- Microwave- Household
 Oxygen- Medical
 Package Designing & Development
 Packaging Machinery
 Packaging Materials
 Packaging- Printing
 Packers & Movers
 Paint Dealers
 Paint Manufacturing Materials
 Paint- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Paint- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Painters' Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Painting Booths & Systems
 Painting Contractors
 Panelboards- Electric
 Paper Box Board
 Paper Converting Machinery
 Paper Dealers
 Paper Mill Machinery
 Paper Tubes & Cores
 Patent Attorneys & Agents
 Pearls- Retail
 Perfume- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Perfumes- Raw Materials & Supplies
 Pest Control
 Pest Control Services
 Petrol- Wholesale
 Petroleum Products
 Pharmaceutical Containers Equipment & Supplies
 Pharmaceutical Distributors
 Pharmaceutical Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Photocopying Machines & Supplies
 Photographers- Commercial & Industrial
 Photographers- Portrait Weddings Parties Etc
 Photographic Colour Prints & Transparencies
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Retail
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Photographic Equipment- Repairing
 Piling Contractors
 Piling Contractors Equipment & Supplies
 Pipe Fittings
 Pipe- PVC- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plastic Bags- Custom Made
 Plastic Containers
 Plastic Packaging
 Plastic Pipes & Hoses
 Plastic Products
 Plastics- Fabric Film Sheets Rods Tubes Etc- Supplies
 Plastics- Moulders
 Plastics- Raw Materials- Powders Liquids Colourants Resins E
 Playground Equipment
 Plumbing Contractors
 Plywood & Veneers- Retail
 Plywood & Veneers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plywoods & Veneers- Manufacturers
 Pneumatic Equipment Components
 Police Equipment
 Pollution Control Services & Supplies
 Polyethylene Materials & Products
 Polystyrene Products
 Post Office Equipment
 Poultry Farms
 Poultry- Wholesale
 Powder Coating
 Powder Coating Equipment & Supplies
 Power Transmission Equipment
 Printed & Etched Circuits
 Printers- Offset
 Printing Contractors
 Printing Equipment
 Printing Supplies
 Process Control Instruments- Manufacturers & Dealers
 Project Management Consultants
 Projection Equipment
 Public Address Systems
 Public Call Office- Local/STD/ISD
 Public Call Office- NSD/ISD
 Publishers- Book
 Publishers- Directory & Guide
 Publishers- Periodical
 Pumps- Domestic
 Pumps- Industrial
 Pumps- Metering
 Pumps- Repairing
 Pumps- Supplies & Parts
 Real Estate
 Real Estate Agents
 Real Estate Consultants
 Real Estate Developers
 Recording Service- Sound & Video
 Recruitment Agencies
 Refractory Materials
 Refreshment Stands
 Refrigeration Contractors
 Refrigeration Equipment- Commercial & Industrial
 Refrigeration Equipment- Commercial & Industrial- Servicing
 Refrigeration Equipment- Commercial Servicing
 Refrigeration Equipment- Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Manuf
 Refrigerators & Freezers
 Refrigerators & Freezers- Servicing
 Rehabilitation Services
 Religious Goods
 Religious Organizations
 Research & Development Agencies/Centres
 Research Institute
 Rice Products
 Roofing Contractors
 Roofing Materials
 Rubber & Plastic Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Rubber Consultants
 Rubber Products
 Rubber Stamps
 Rubber- Natural
 Safety Consultants
 Safety Equipment & Clothing
 Sales Promotion Service
 School Supplies- Retail
 School Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Schools- Academic- Colleges & Universities
 Schools- Academic- Elementary & Secondary
 Schools- Academic- Special Purpose
 Schools- Handicapped disabled retarted
 Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
 Scrap Metals
 Screen Printing
 Security Control Equipment & Supplies
 Security Equipment- Controls & Systems
 Security Services
 Septick Tank Cleaning
 Service Station Equipment
 Service Station Supplies
 Service Stations- Petrol & Oil
 Service Stations- Repairing & Service
 Sewing Machines- Household
 Share & Bond Brokers
 Sheet Metal Works
 Shoes- Retail
 Shop Equipment- Industrial
 Silks- Retail
 Slotted Angle Materials
 Soaps & Detergents- Retail
 Social Service Organizations
 Societies- Cooperative
 Soda Ash
 Soda Fountain Supplies
 Soda Fountains- Residential
 Soda- Bicarbonate
 Soil Testing
 Solar Energy Equipment
 Solar Water Heaters
 Sound Systems & Equipment
 Sound Systems & Equipment- Renting
 Sound Systems & Equipment- Repairing
 Speech & Hearing Disorders- Corrective Training
 Speech Improvement- Voice & Diction
 Sporting Goods- Retail
 Sporting Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Sportswear- Retail
 Stabilizer- Voltage- Manufacturers
 Stainless Steel
 Stainless Steel- Fabricators
 Stationers' Supplies
 Stationery- Retail
 Stationery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Steel & Brass Stamps
 Steel Alloys- Metal
 Steel Distributors & Warehouses
 Steel Fabricators
 Steel Processing
 Steel Products
 Steel- Manufacturers
 Steel- Rerolling
 Stock & Share Brokers
 Stone- Crushed
 Storage Systems- Industrial
 Studio Rental
 Sun Control Polyester Film
 Surgical Appliances
 Surgical Appliances & Disposable Products
 Surveying Instruments
 Surveyors- Insurance
 Surveyors- Lands
 Sweets & Savouries
 Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies
 Swimming Pools
 Tailors- Ladies'
 Tailors- Men's
 Tailors- Wholesale
 Tapes- Adhesive
 Tarpaulins - B2C
 Tax Consultants
 Telecommunication Equipment & Supplies
 Telecommunication Equipment- Maintenance & Service
 Telecommunications Consultants
 Telemarketing- Service Bureaus
 Telephone Cleaning
 Telephone Equipment & Supplies
 Telephone Equipment & Systems
 Television Channels
 Television Dealers- Retail
 Television Maintenance & Service
 Television Service
 Television Stations & Broadcasting Companies
 Temperature Control Equipment
 Textile Fibres
 Textile Merchants
 Textile Manufacturers
 Tile- Ceramic- Contractors
 Tile- Ceramic- Dealers
 Tile- Ceramic- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Tile- Clay- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Tiles- Concrete
 Tiles- Designer- Concrete
 Timber Contractors
 Timber Merchants- Retail
 Timber Saw Mills
 Timber- Retail
 Timber- Treating
 Time Recorders
 Tin Containers
 Tissue Culture
 Tool & Die Makers
 Tools- Cutting
 Tools- Power
 Tour Operators
 Tourist Attractions
 Tourists' Homes
 Toys- Retail
 Trade Mark Consultants
 Trading Companies
 Training Centre And Facilities
 Transformer Oil
 Translators & Interpreters
 Transport Agents
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