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     Suresh & Suresh Agro Entrprises
     Ram & Co
     Vijaya Industries
     Vignesh Screens
     Chandi Arts
     CTR Poultry Farmers Assn
     Sri Sankari Audio & Video
     S V S Audio Vedio
     Andhra Radio & Electricals Co
     M G Brothers Automobiles (P) Ltd
     Surendra Auto Mobiles
     Kumar Turning Works
     Popular Auto Spares
     Sudha Automobiles
     Sri Venkateswara Auto Mobiles
     Shakthi Automobiles
     Suresh Engg Works
     Suresh Automobiles Workshop
     Balaji Automobiles
     Babu Scooters & Garrage
     Srisai Automobiles
     Puparthy Polymers
     KGN Gupta & Co
     Dharani Agencies
     M G Brothers Auto Engineers
     Guru Enterprises
     New Bharath Autombiles
     Hindustan Radiators
     MPS Auto Service
     M G Brothers Automobiles (P) Ltd
     KAR Automobile
     Ansar Motors
     Sri Lakshmi Motor Works
     Sri Durga Enterprises
     Ramson Auto Service Stn
     Sri Bajee Jareena Auto Garrage
     Bangalore Backery
     Rusi Food Products
     New Bangalore Bakery
     State Bank Of Hyderabad
     Mallika Battery Works
     Royal Cycle Mart
     Sivaramalingam Binding Works
     Chetan Auto Service
     Vinodh Trading Co
     Canara Bank
     Nedumgadi Bank Ltd
     Lakshmi Vilas Bank
     Kumar Traders
     New Ansar Batteries
     Kumar Traders
     Madhavi Designers
     Raju Industries
     Chamundeswari Cool Drinks
     Suvera Processed Food Pvt Ltd
     Raghu Binding Works
     Ramadevi Agencies
     Ganesh Ruling & Binding Works
     Mangala Book Stall
     Gopi Book Centre
     Visalandhra Book
     Lokesh Brick Industries
     Sri Venkateswara Brick Works
     Lakshmi Engg Works
     Jalal Suppliers
     Shirdi Sai Star
     Vinayaka Insulated Cables
     Pragathi Book Centre
     Omkar Stores
     Mohan Book Depot
     Madhu Book Stall
     Geeta Binding Works
     J P Traders
     Bans Constructions Ltd
     SPIC Limited
     Sri Padmavati Engg Works
     Divyakiran Industries
     A C N Asbestos Cement Industries
     Sunku Traders
     Shanmugha Cement Works
     Rayon Traders
     Immaculate Convent
     Bhagavan Industries
     Sri Parameswari Chemical Industries
     Chola Chits & Finance (P) Ltd
     Vinayaka Finance Corpn
     Sudarsan Chits (India) Ltd
     Sri Varalakshmi Chit Funds
     Sri Satya Sai Benefit Socy Ltd
     Margadarsi Chit Fund Ltd
     Maheswari Chit Funds
     Balamurugan Cement Works
     Janatha Trading Co
     Raja Mosaic Industries
     Abinaya Chemicals P Ltd
     Nutrine Chocalate Products Pvt Ltd
     Catholic Church
     Altaf Hussain Surgical Clinic
     Radhakrishna Cloth Centre
     Ambika Coffee Works
 Accountants- Chartered
 Adhesives & Glues
 Agricultural Consultants
 Art Publishers
 Artists- Commercial
 Audio Systems
 Automobile Accessories
 Automobile Manufacturers & Assemblers
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Repairing
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Retail
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Wholesale
 Automobile Repairing & Service
 Autorickshaw- Repairing & Servicing
 Bakers- Retail
 Bananas- Wholesale
 Batteries- Storage- Retail
 Batteries- Storage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Battery Dealers
 Beauty Salons
 Beds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Beverage Coolers
 Bicycles- Dealers & Repairers
 Bindings- Bias & Straight
 Biscuits- Retail
 Book Dealers- Retail
 Bookbinders- Home Library
 Books- Retail
 Bottles- Used
 Bricks- Building
 Building Construction Consultants
 Building Materials
 Cables- Manufacturers
 Cement- Asbestos
 Cement- Retail
 Cement- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Ceramic Products- Decorative
 Chit Funds
 Chocolate & Cocoa
 Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers- Retail
 Clinics- Ultrasound
 Clothing- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Coffee Dealers- Retail
 Computer Dealers
 Computer Schools & Training Centres
 Confectionery & Candy Manufacturers' Equipment
 Confectionery & Candy Manufacturers' Supplies
 Contractors- Engineering General
 Courier Service
 Cultural Organisations
 Dairy Products- Retail
 Department Stores
 Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment- Servicing
 Doctors- Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists)
 Drug Stores
 Dry Fruits
 Educational Institutes
 Electric Appliances
 Electric Appliances- Major
 Electric Appliances- Small
 Electric Appliances- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Contractors
 Electric Motors- Dealers
 Electric Motors- Repairing
 Electric Supplies- Retail
 Electrical Switchgears- Servicing
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electronic Equipment Parts & Supplies
 Engineering Consultancy Services
 Engineering Works
 Feed Dealers
 Feed- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Fertilizers- Retail
 Finance Companies- Licenced
 Fire Extinguishers- Commercials & Industrial
 Fish & Seafood- Wholesale
 Flour Mills
 Food Grains
 Food Products
 Foods- Ready To Serve
 Foot Appliances
 Fruit Produce Handling Equipment
 Fruits & Vegetable Juices- Retail
 Fuel Injections Pumps- Sales & Service
 Furniture Dealers- Retail
 Furniture Dealers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Furniture Manufacturers
 Furniture Repairing & Refinishing
 Garment Accessories
 Garments Readymade
 Gas Companies
 Gas Distributors
 General Merchandise- Retail
 General Merchandise- Wholesale
 Generators & Alternators
 Gift Shops
 Grain Dealers
 Grocers- Retail
 Grocers- Wholesale
 Gunny Sacks
 Handloom- Distributors
 Hardware- Retail
 Hardware- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hatcheries- Poultry
 Home Appliances
 Homes- Institutional aged rest etc
 Hospitals- Private
 Ice Cream Distrs
 Ice Cream Manufacturers' Supplies
 Industrial Developments
 Jewellers- Retail
 Jewellers- Wholesale
 Kalyana Mandapams & Amenities
 LPG- Distrs
 Marble- Natural
 Metal Polishing
 Milk Companies
 Milling Machines
 Motor Cycles & Motor Scooters- Supplies & Parts- Retail
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Parts & Repairing
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Supplies & Parts- Wholesale &
 Newspaper & Magazines
 Novelties- Retail
 Nursing Homes
 Oil Companies
 Oil Mills
 Oils- Cooking
 Oils- Edible
 Packaging Materials
 Packaging Service
 Packaging- Printing
 Packing Materials- Mechanical
 Paint Dealers
 Paper Manufacturers
 Petrol- Wholesale
 Petroleum Products
 Pharmaceutical Distributors
 Pharmaceutical Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Pharmacies- Homeopathic
 Photo Finishing- Wholesale
 Photocopying Machines & Supplies
 Photographers- Commercial & Industrial
 Photographers- Portrait Weddings Parties Etc
 Pipes & Pipe Fittings
 Plants- Retail
 Plastic Packaging
 Plastic Products
 Plastic Products (Finished)- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plywood & Veneers- Retail
 Poultry Equipment & Supplies
 Poultry Farms
 Poultry Feeds
 Poultry- Retail
 Printers- Offset
 Printing Machinery
 Public Call Office- Local/STD/ISD
 Pumping Stations
 Pumps- Domestic
 Pumps- Metering
 Pumps- Supplies & Parts
 PVC Compounds
 Radiators- Automotive/Industrial
 Rubber & Plastic Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Rubber Products
 Schools- Academic- Elementary & Secondary
 Schools- Academic- Special Purpose
 Screen Printing
 Seating Companies
 Service Stations- Repairing & Service
 Share & Bond Brokers
 Social Service Organizations
 Societies- Cooperative
 Stationery- Retail
 Steel Mills
 Steel Products
 Stone- Crushed
 Stoneware- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Sugar Brokers & Wholesalers
 Sugar Producers
 Sweets & Savouries
 Tailors' Trimmings & Supplies
 Tailors- Men's
 Tailors- Wholesale & Custom
 Television Dealers- Retail
 Television Maintenance & Service
 Television Tables & Stands
 Textile Fibres
 Textile Machinery
 Textile Merchants
 Textile Manufacturers
 Timber Merchants- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Timber Saw Mills
 Tin Containers
 Tobacco Machinery
 Tools- Electric
 Tractor Dealers
 Tractor Parts & Supplies
 Tractor Repairing & Service
 Trailers- Equipment & Parts- Boat Camper Utility Etc
 Trailers- Motor Utility Manufacturers
 Training Centre And Facilities
 Transport Agents
 Travel Bureaus
 Tyre Dealers- Retail
 Tyre Dealers- Wholesale
 Tyre Distrs & Manufacturers
 Tyre Recapping Retreading & Repairing
 Tyres- Solid
 Watches- Retail
 Water Mineral
 Welding Equipment & Supplies
 Welding Equipment- Repairing
 Welding Fittings
 Welding- Industrial
 Winding Machinery
 Wines- Retail
 Wire Netting