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     Sharpwel Abrasives Pvt Ltd
     MNS Nagarajan
     D Mohan & Associates
     YCK Associates
     U M Associates
     B M Samdaria & Co
     T Pompapathy & Co
     Srinaga & Giridharan
     Singhvi Dev & Unni Charterd A/cts
     S B Billimoria & C0
     Prasad & Suresh
     Pattabhi & Co
     Akhilandam & Associates
     Max Adhesive
     Yakshi Communications
     The Pen & Mouse
     SSC & B Lintas
     R K Swamy Advertising Associates P Ltd
     Madison Dmb & B Advertising Pvt Ltd
     Integrated Brand Comm Pvt Ltd
     Euro RSCG
     Draft Worldwide (I) P Ltd
     Contract Advertising (India) Ltd
     Canara Advertising
     Bangalore Advertising Co
     Aa Associates
     Rasters Media Integrated
     Mohan Arts
     Srinidhi Advertising
     I.J.Sign Systems (Pvt) Ltd
     Donewel Communications
     Auto Graphics Digital
     Beth-El Product India Pvt Ltd
     Project Coordinater Millets
     Canara Bank Agricultural Consultancy Services
     C.R.Govardhana Setty
     Nirmal Consultancy
     Karnataka State Agri Produce Processing Export Corporation Ltd
     Iyengar Dr E R R
     International Competence Centre For Organic Agriculture
     Institution Of Agricultural Technologist
     ETC Consultants India P Ltd
     Dwarakinath Dr R
     All India Soil & Land Use Survey
     Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd
     Agco Incorporation
     Tools Engineering Co
     Spray Systems
     Spray Systems
     Prabhat Engineering Works
     Karnataka Tractor Spares
     Escorts Limited
     Agro Engineering & Alliade Services
     Aditya Mech Mastres Pvt Ltd
     Comanna Seeds
     Bengal Tools Ltd
     Bangalore Tractor Spares
     Balaji Agro Tools Corporation
     Apex Steel Pvt Ltd
     ANZ International
     Vishu Agro Agencies
     Vishnu Agro Enterprises
     J K Enterprises
     J & J, Safety Aids & Equipments
     Interface Communications
     Innovative Sign Systems
     Adlinks Outdoor Advertisiers
     Adlinks Out Door Advertisers
     Ad-Libra Advertising
     Infant Advertising
     Impress Ad Aids & Displays
     Ideal Advertising
     Graciats Sign & Display
     G & G Digitals
     Ever Green Publicity
     Enterprise Nexus
     Empire Digital Prints
     Elite Signs
     Digital Printing On flex & Vinyl
     Digital Creatives
     Diamond Signages (P) Ltd.
     Diamond Publicities (p) Ltd
     Dharani Arts
     Devi Arts
     Deccan Communications
     Deccan Communications
     DD Graphics
     Crystal Display Systems
     Clear Channel Communication Pvt Ltd
     Chinna Interiors & Ads
     Chandra Arts
     Empire Publicity Service
     Popular Advertisers
     Indigo Imaging
     Ctrl P
 Abdominal Supports- Dealers
 Acoustical Contractors
 Acoustical Materials
 Actuators- Electrical/Electromechanical
 Adhesives & Glues
 Advertising- Neon
 Advertising- Newspaper
 Advertising- Outdoor
 Agricultural Equipment- Repairing & Parts
 Air Cargo Service
 Air Conditioner Equipment- Manufacturers
 Air Conditioners- Manufacturers
 Air Conditioners- Repairing and Servicing
 Air Conditioning-Central Plant-Repairing & Servicing
 Aircraft Charter Rental & Leasing Service
 Airline Companies
 Agricultural Consultants
 Agricultural Consultants
 Alarm Annunciators & Systems- Manufacturers & Dealers
 Agricultural Consultants
 Agricultural Consultants
 Amusement Park Rides Equipment
 Amusement Places
 Animal Health Products
 Anti- Static Products
 Aquarium & Aquarium Supplies
 Aquariums- Public
 Architects' Supplies
 Art Schools
 Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees- Materials
 Asphalt & Asphalt Products
 Assembly & Fabricating Service
 Audio- Visual Equipment & Supplies
 Automobile Airconditioning
 Automobile Body Manufacturers
 Automobile Body Repairing & Painting
 Automobile Electric Service
 Automobile Manufacturers & Assemblers
 Automobile Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Manufacturers
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Repairing
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Ayurvedic Machinery
 Bag Tiles
 Bags- Plastic & Transparent
 Bakelite Components & Moulders
 Balls- Glass
 Balls- Steel Bronze Ceramic Etc
 Batteries- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Battery Supplies
 Beads- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Bed Spreads- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Beds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Beverage Dispensing Equipment & Supplies
 Bicycles- Dealers & Repairers
 Bicycles- Parts & Supplies- Manufacturers
 Bindings- Bias & Straight
 Biological Products
 Blowers & Blower Systems
 Boiler Compounds
 Boiler Repairing & Cleaning
 Bolts & Nuts
 Book Keeping Service
 Bookbinders' Equipment & Supplies
 Bottle Dealers
 Boutique Items- Retail
 Boxes- Wooden
 Brake Service Equipment
 Brakes- Lining- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Brand Promotion Services
 Brewers' Equipment & Supplies
 Bricks- Building
 Brooms- Retail
 Brushes- Retail
 Brushes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Buffing & Polishing Equipment & Supplies
 Building & Flats Promoters
 Building Materials
 Button Makers
 Cable Sleevings
 Cable Telephones
 Cable Televisions
 Cam Cutting & Cams
 Can Manufacturers
 Canners' Equipment & Supplies
 Canvas Goods
 Caps- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Car Renting & Leasing
 Carbon Products
 Carbon- Dioxide
 Carnival Supplies
 Carpet & Rug Distrs & Manufacturers
 Cashew- Growers & Processors
 Cassettes- Audio
 Casters & Glides
 Castings- Aluminium
 Castings- Steel
 Castors & Glides
 Caterers' Equipment & Supplies
 Acid Proof Equipments & Materials
 Acoustical Consultants
 Acrylic- Sheets
 Advertising Agencies & Counsellors
 Advertising Personnel- Freelance
 Advertising Specialities
 Advertising- Directory & Guide
 Advertising- Indoor
 Aero-Modelling Instruction
 Agricultural Equipment & Supplies
 Agricultural Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Aids Awareness & Treatment Centres
 Air Cleaning & Purifying Equipment
 Air Compressors
 Agricultural Consultants
 Air Conditioning Consultants
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Repairing & Cleaning
 Air Fresheners
 Air Pollution Control
 Agricultural Consultants
 Airways Services
 Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centres
 Aluminium Products
 Aluminium Utensils
 Agricultural Consultants
 Ambulance Service
 Agricultural Consultants
 Agricultural Consultants
 Animal & Poultry Health Products & Medicines
 Animal Breeders
 Aromatic Compounds
 Artists- Commercial
 Athletic Organizations
 Audio Equipments- Repairs & Service
 Audio Visual Consultants
 Automobile Accessories
 Automobile Electric Equipment
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Retail
 Automobile Radios & Stereo Systems- Sales & Service
 Automobile Repairing & Service
 Automobile Repairing & Service- Equipment & Supplies
 Automobile Seat- Manufacturers
 Automobile- Gas Conversion
 Awnings & Canopies
 Awnings & Canopies- Supplies
 Ayurvedic Medicines- Manufacturers
 Baby Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Bags- Burlap Canvas & Cotton- Dealers
 Bakers' Supplies
 Bakers- Wholesale
 Balancing Equipment
 Bamboo Chicks
 Bank Equipment & Supplies
 Bank Representatives
 Barrels & Drums- Equipment & Supplies
 Barter Exchanges
 Batteries- Storage- Retail
 Battery Charging Equipment
 Battery Dealers
 Beauty Culture Schools
 Beds- Concealed
 Beer & Ale- Distrs & Manufacturers
 Belt Dressing
 Belting- Mechanical
 Biscuits- Retail
 Boarding Houses
 Boiler Distrs & Manufacturers
 Book Dealers- Retail
 Book Dealers- Used & Rare
 Bookbinders- Commercial
 Bottle Caps & Seals
 Bottles- Used
 Bowling Lane Equipment & Supplies
 Brakes- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Bricks- Building Materials
 Buildings- Portable
 Buttons- Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Buying Agents
 Cable Jointing Equipment & Accessories
 Cable Jointing Equipment Accessories & Supplies
 Cables- Manufacturers
 Calculating & Adding Machines & Supplies
 Calibration Services
 Call Centre Services
 Camera Repairing & Servicing
 Candles- Retail
 Candles- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Caps & Gowns
 Car Washing & Polishing Equipment & Supplies
 Carbon Brushes
 Cargo & Forwarding Agents
 Cargo & Freight Containers
 Cargo Service
 Carpet & Rug Dealers- New
 Carts- Motorized- Dealers (A)
 Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings
 Castings- Ferrous & Non Ferrous
 Accountants- Chartered
 Accounting- Services
 Addressing Plate Service
 Adventure Sports
 Advertising- Films
 Advertising- Transit & Transportation
 Aero Modelling
 Agency Houses
 Agricultural Chemicals
 Air Conditioners- Rental
 Agricultural Consultants
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems
 Agricultural Consultants
 Agricultural Consultants
 Air Curtains & Screens
 Air Dryers
 Aluminium Fabricators
 Ambulance Emergency
 Agricultural Consultants
 Anti- Vibration Mountings
 Aprons- Industrial
 Arms & Ammunition
 Art Goods- Retail
 Art Metal Work
 Artificial Flowers Plants & Trees
 Audio Cassettes- Duplicating Systems
 Audio- Visual Equipment & Supplies- Home Theatres
 Automation Systems & Equipment
 Automobile Consultants
 Automobile Dealers- New Cars
 Automobile Electrical Parts & Supplies
 Automobile Gas Connections
 Automobile Renting & Leasing
 Automobile- Security Alarms
 Autorickshaws- New
 Aviation Consultants
 Balancing Service- Industrial
 Bamboo & Woven Wood Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Banks- Merchant
 Banquet Halls
 Baskets- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Batteries- Storage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Battery Repairing & Rebuilding
 Beds- Renting
 Beer & Ale- Wholesale
 Belting- Mechanical- Supplies
 Beverages- Retail
 Bicycles- Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Retailers
 Bicycles- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Billing Service
 Blankets- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Blasting Contractors- Abrasive Grit Shot Etc
 Blueprinting Equipment & Supplies
 Boiler Supplies & Parts
 Boiler Tubes
 Books- Retail
 Booths- Telephone
 Bottles- Retail
 Bottles- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Boxes- Corrugated & Fibre
 Boxes- Paper & Cardboard
 Brass Decorative Accessories- Retail
 Bronze Tablets
 Building Construction Consultants
 Building Maintenance Renovation & Repairs
 Buildings- Metal
 Burglar Alarm Systems
 Burners- Industrial
 Bus Lines Ticket Agencies
 Buses- Bodies
 Cabinet Makers
 Cable Cars
 Cable Machinery- Manufacturers
 Cable Terminals Lugs & Sockets
 Cable- Co- Axial
 Cables- Household
 Cabs- Tractor Truck Etc
 Calculating & Adding Machines- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Calibration Instruments
 Car Pullers
 Carbon Black
 Carbon Brush Holders
 Carbon- Activated
 Cargo Carriers
 Carpet & Rug Cleaners
 Carpet & Rug Dyers
 Castings- Copper
 Castings- Repairing
 Cellular Telephones- Rental
 Cement Manufacturing Equipment
 Centrifugal Machinery
 Ceramic Products- Industrial
 Ceramics- Equipment & Supplies
 Chemical Cleaning- Industrial
 Chess Instruction
 Chilling Plants & Systems
 Chimney Tops
 Clinics- X- Rays
 Clothing Manufacturers' Supplies
 Clothing- Used
 Coal & Coke- Retail
 Coatings- Protective
 Access Panels
 Accountants- Cost & Works
 Advertising Checking Service
 Advertising Cinema
 Advertising- Cable Media
 Advertising- Television
 Agricultural Marketing
 Air Conditioning Contractors
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Repairing & Servicing
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Supplies & Parts
 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems- Supplies & Parts- Reta
 Air Conditioning- Room Units
 Air Coolers
 Air Travel Ticket Agencies
 Airconditioning Systems- Rental - (FOR BLR ONLY)
 Aircraft Equipment Parts & Supplies
 Aircraft Manufacturers
 Agricultural Consultants
 Aluminium Fabricators- Domestic
 Ambulances & Hearses
 Anchors- Building
 Animal Foods- Zoo Circus Etc
 Animal Shelters
 Animation Mechanisms- Display Sign Etc
 Agricultural Consultants
 Antiques- Dealers
 Architectural Illustrators
 Art Galleries & Dealers
 Art Publishers
 Artistes' Agents
 Artists' Materials & Supplies
 Artists- Fine Arts
 Asbestos & Asbestos Products
 Athletic Fields- Stadiums & Arenas
 Audio Systems
 Audio- Visual Equipment- Rental
 Audio- Visual Production Services
 Automation Consultants
 Automobile Dealers- New Trucks
 Automobile Dealers- Used Cars
 Automobile Diagnostic Service
 Automobile Machine Shop Service
 Automobile Parts & Supplies- Wholesale
 Automobile Seat Covers Tops & Upholstery
 Automobile- Cleaning & Polishing Materials
 Autorickshaw- Repairing & Servicing
 Baby Accessories- Retail
 Baby Accessories- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Baby Goods
 Bags- Burlap Canvas Cotton & Jute- Manufacturers
 Bags- Paper
 Bags- Retail
 Bags- Speciality
 Bakers' Equipment
 Bakers' Equipment- Repairing
 Bakers- Retail
 Bananas- Wholesale
 Bar Supplies
 Bathroom Accessories
 Bathroom Remodelling
 Batteries- Dry Cell- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Beauty Salons
 Beauty Salons- Accessories & Supplies
 Beauty Salons- Equipment & Supplies
 Bed Spreads- Retail
 Belts- Apparel- Retail
 Belts- Apparel- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Beverages- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Bicycle Racks
 Billiard Equipment & Supplies
 Bird Feeders & Housers
 Biscuits- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Bleaching Compounds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Blocks & Shapes- Manufacturers
 Blood Banks & Centres
 Blouses- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Boat Builders
 Boiler & Steam- Tubes Pipes & Fittings
 Boiler Components Super Heaters & Economizers
 Book Dealers- Wholesale
 Borewell Contractors
 Borewell- Drilling
 Bottle Manufacturers
 Bottlers' Equipment & Supplies
 Boxes- Metal
 Brass Products
 Bridge Builders
 Building Contractors
 Buses- Parts & Supplies
 Business & Trade Organizations
 Business Centres
 Business Consultants
 Cable Laying Contractors
 Cable Support Systems
 Camping Equipment
 Candle Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Car Pool Information Service
 Card Cases
 Carpet Layers
 Cashew- Wholesale Retail & Agents
 Caterers- Wedding Supplies & Services
 CD- Rom Products & Services
 Cellular Telephones- Accessories & Supplies
 Cement- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chain Pulley Blocks
 Chemical Plant Equipment & Supplies
 Chemicals- Dealers
 Chemists- Analytical & Consulting
 Cigar & Cigarette Lighters- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Cigarette Papers & Tubes- Manufacturers
 Cinema Equipment & Supplies
 Civil Organization
 Cleaners & Dyers
 Cleaning Compounds- Retail
 Cleaning Equipment- Domestic & Industrial
 Clothing Designers
 Clothing- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Coal & Coke- Wholesale
 Coffee & Tea Making Machines
 Coin Dealers
 Cold Rooms- Leasing
 Cold Storage
 Colours & Pigments
 Commission Agents
 Compact Discs- Recording & Writing
 Company Secretaries
 Compressors- Air & Gas- Parts & Supplies
 Compressors- Air & Gas- Renting
 Computer Maintenance & Repairs
 Computer Maintenance and Repair- Household
 Computer Peripherals and Consumables- Household
 Computer Rentals- Household
 Computer Site Preparation & Accessories
 Computer Software Packages
 Concrete Blocks & Shapes
 Concrete- Ready Mixed
 Consultants- Electronics & Micro Electronics
 Consultants- Oil
 Consultants- Pharmaceutical
 Consultants- Sports
 Consumer Organizations
 Consumer Products- Direct Selling
 Contractors' Equipment & Supplies
 Contractors- Civil
 Contractors- Road Building
 Conveyors- Belting
 Cookers & Stoves- Dealers
 Cooking Utensils- Retail
 Copying & Duplicating Service
 Costumes- Masquerade & Theatrical
 Cotton Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Counselling Service
 Courier Service
 Craft Supplies
 Cranes- Manufacturers & Suppliers
 Credit Card & Other Credit Plans- Equipment & Supplies
 Crockery- Retail
 Crockery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Crystalware- Dealers
 Cylinders- Air & Hydraulic
 Cylinders- Gas
 Demonstration Service- Merchandise
 Dental Equipment & Supplies
 Dental Surgeons
 Dental Surgeons- Periodontists
 Dental Surgeons- Prosthodontists
 Diagnostic Centres
 Diamond Tools- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Diamonds- Wholesale
 Die Makers' Equipment Supplies
 Die Sets
 Direct Marketing Services
 Display Fixtures
 Doctors- Allergy Asthma & Immunology
 Doctors- Anaesthesiology
 Doctors- Andrology
 Doctors- Cardio Thoracic Surgery
 Doctors- Chest & T B Specialists
 Doctors- Cosmetic Surgery
 Doctors- Endocrinology
 Doctors- Gynaecology
 Doctors- Haematology (Blood Diseases)
 Doctors- Nephrology (Kidney Specialists)
 Doctors- Neurological Surgery
 Doctors- Oncology (Cancer Specialists)
 Doctors- Physical Therapists
 Doctors- Physiotherapy
 Doctors- Plastic Surgery
 Doctors- Sonology
 Doctors- Ultrasonologist
 Domestic Services
 Door Frames
 Dresses- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Drug Stores
 Druggists- Wholesale
 Drums & Barrels
 E- Commerce
 Educational Institutes
 Effluent Treatment Plants & Equipment- Industrial
 Eggs- Wholesale
 Electric Appliances
 Coconut Products
 Coding & Marking Devices
 Coffee Curing
 Coil Winding
 Coils- Electric
 Collapsible Tubes
 Collection Agencies
 Commission Merchants
 Computer Consultants
 Computer Dealers
 Computer Financing
 Computer Print- Head Re- Conditioning
 Computer- Cad/Cam Services
 Computerised Documentation Systems
 Computers- LAN/WAN
 Concrete Block & Product Moulding Machinery
 Concrete Breaking Cutting Sawing Etc- Equipment
 Construction Chemicals
 Construction Equipment & Supplies
 Consultants ISO9000/ISO14000/QS9000
 Consultants- Actuaries
 Consultants- Electrical
 Consultants- Industrial
 Consultants- Labour Relations
 Consultants- Legal
 Consultants- Project Management
 Contact Lenses
 Controls Control Systems & Regulators
 Convents & Monasteries
 Cooker Hoods & Canopies
 Cooking Instruction
 Cooling Systems- Machine
 Copper Conductors
 Copper Products
 Corn Products
 Cotton Merchants
 Covers- Protective
 Credit Reporting Agencies
 Crushing & Pulverizing Equipment
 Customs Consultants
 Cutting Compounds
 Dairy Products- Retail
 Dancing Instruction
 Data Systems- Consultants & Designers
 Decoration Contractors- Party Convention Etc
 Delivery Service
 Dental Colleges & Hospitals
 Dental Surgeons- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
 Dental Surgeons- Pedodontist
 Desk Top Publishing
 Detergent- Manufacturers & Supplies
 Diamonds- Industrial
 Diamonds- Retail
 Die Casting Machinery
 Die Makers
 Dies- Cutting
 Display Designers & Producers
 Distillery Equipment & Supplies
 Distributing Service- Circular Sample Etc
 Doctors- Accupuncture/Accupressure
 Doctors- Biochemistry
 Doctors- Dermatology (Skin)
 Doctors- Homoeopathy
 Doctors- Industrial Medicine
 Doctors- Internal Medicine
 Doctors- Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists)
 Doctors- Psychiatry
 Doctors- Siddha
 Doctors- Speech & Hearing Disorders
 Doctors- Urology
 Doctors- Vascular Surgery
 Doors Automatic
 Drainage Contractors
 Draperies & Curtains- Retail & Custom Made
 Drapery & Curtain Fixtures
 Drawing Materials
 Dress Forms
 Drilling Contractors
 Drilling Equipment & Supplies
 Driving Instruction
 Drying Equipment- Industrial
 Dust & Fume Collecting Systems
 Earth Moving Consultants
 Electric Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Equipment- Used
 Electric Fence
 Electric Motors- Supplies & Parts
 Electric Supplies- Retail
 Electrical Dischange Machines & Supplies
 Electro Plating Industries(EDM)
 Electro- Plating Industries
 Electronic Parts Assembling & Servicing
 Electrotypers' Equipment & Supplies
 Elevators- Freight & Passenger- Commercial & Industrial
 Embroidery Commercial
 Embroidery Design Punching
 Enamelled Ware
 Engineering Contractors
 Engineers- Civil
 Engineers- Consulting
 Engravers- Metal
 Envelopes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Exhibitions & Trade Shows
 Expanded Metals
 Export Fabric- Suppliers
 Castings- Iron
 Cellular Telephones- Sales & Service
 Chemicals- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chimes & Bells
 Chinese Food Products
 Chocolate & Cocoa
 Civic Organization
 Clay Products
 Clearing & Forwarding Agents
 Clinics- Ultrasound
 Clocks- Repairing
 CNC Machining Facilities
 Coaching Classes
 Coatings- Teflon
 Coffee & Tea- Premixed
 Coffee Dealers- Retail
 Coil Winding Machinery
 Coir & Coir Products
 Cold Rooms- Manufacturers
 Communication Equipment
 Communications Consultants
 Compact Discs- Manufacturers Replicators Etc
 Compressors- Air & Gas
 Compressors- Air & Gas- Repairing
 Computer & Data Processing Equipment- Maintenance
 Computer Cad Services
 Computer Data Processing
 Computer Dealers- Home PC
 Computer Furniture- Household
 Computer Peripherals and Consumables
 Computer Schools & Training Centres
 Computer Software Development & Packages
 Computer- Security
 Computers & Data Acquisition Systems
 Computers- Manufacturers
 Computers- Multimedia
 Concrete Testing
 Concrete Vibrators
 Conduits- Underground
 Conference Centres Services & Facilities
 Consultant- Imports/Exports
 Consultants- Food Processing
 Consultants- ISO 9000
 Consultants- Management
 Consultants- Travel
 Contractors- Building
 Contractors- Earth Work
 Contractors- Engineering General
 Convention Services & Facilities
 Converters- Electric
 Cookers & Stoves- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Cooling Towers
 Cosmetics & Perfumes- Retail
 Cosmetics & Toilet Preparations- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Costume Designers
 Costumes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Counters & Counting Machines
 Credit Card & Other Credit Plans
 Custom Clearing Agency
 Customer Relation- Management
 Cutting Components
 Dairy Equipment & Supplies
 Decorations- Paper Balloons Etc
 Detectives- Private
 Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment- Servicing
 Doctors- Cardio Vascular Surgery
 Doctors- Cardiology (Heart Specialists)
 Doctors- Cardiology, Paediatric
 Doctors- Cryo Surgery
 Doctors- Ear Nose Throat
 Doctors- General Medicine
 Doctors- Laparoscopic Surgery
 Doctors- Neurology
 Doctors- Obstetrics & Gynaecology
 Doctors- Orthopaedics (Bone Specialists)
 Doctors- Paediatric Surgery
 Doctors- Psychologist
 Doctors- Rheumatology
 Doctors- Sexual Medicine & Marital Therapy
 Door Closers & Checks
 Dress Goods- Wholesale
 Drill Rods
 Dust Bins
 Dyers- Garments & Household Fabrics
 Dyers- Industrial
 Educational Consultants
 Educational Research
 Elastic Goods
 Electric Appliances- Major
 Electric Appliances- Small
 Electric Appliances- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Cables
 Electric Equipment
 Electric Equipment & Supplies
 Electric Instruments & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Motor Controls- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electric Motors- Dealers
 Electric Motors- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Electric Motors- Repairing
 Electric Supplies- Manufacturers
 Electric Appliances- Major- Repairing
 Electric Appliances- Small- Repairing
 Electric Companies
 Electric Contractors
 Electric Distributors
 Electric Earthing
 Electric Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electric Heating Equipment & Systems
 Electric Lamp Bulbs & Tubes
 Electric Motors- Starters
 Electric Switchboards
 Electric Transformers
 Electrical Power Transmission Materials
 Electrical Switchgear
 Electrical Test & Measuring Equipment
 Electronic Components
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Electronic Equipment Parts & Supplies
 Electronic Instruments
 Electronic Testing Equipment
 Electrostatic Equipment
 Embassies Consulates & Legations
 Emergency Lights
 Employment Agencies
 Employment Service- Government Company Fraternal Etc
 Engineers- Energy Management
 Engineers- Fabrication
 Engineers- Geotechnical
 Environment Test Chambers/Equipment
 Etching Equipment & Supplies
 Event Management Agencies
 Exhibitions- Display Expositions & Trade Shows
 Exhibitions- Trade Fairs
 Exhibitions- Trade Fairs- Booth Installation Contractors
 Exporters- Incense
 Exporters- Jewellery
 Exporters- Leather
 Exporters- Leather Goods
 Express Forwarding
 Fan & Blower Parts- Manufacturers
 Fans- Electric- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Fans- Industrial & Commercial
 Farm House
 Fibre Glass Products- Repairing
 Filing Equipment Systems & Supplies
 Filling Machinery
 Filter Fabrics
 Filtering Materials & Supplies
 Filters- Liquid- Industrial
 Financing- Housing
 Fire Hydrants
 Fish & Seafood- Retail
 Flags & Banners
 Flavouring Extract Manufacturers'supplies
 Floor Cleaning Machines- Industrial & Domestic
 Floor Treatment Compounds
 Floors- Materials & Laying
 Floors- Raised
 Flower Arranging Instruction
 Food & Beverage Consultants
 Food Processing & Packaging
 Food Products
 Foods- Ready To Serve
 Foreign Exchange Brokers
 Foreign Money Changers
 Foundries- Brass bronze aluminium Magnesium etc
 Foundries- Iron
 Freight Brokers
 Freight Consolidating
 Frozen Foods- Processors
 Fruit & Vegetable Growers & Shippers
 Fuel Injection Equipment- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Fuel Injections Pumps- Sales & Service
 Funeral Directors
 Furnace Repairing
 Furnaces- Industrial
 Furniture Dealers- Retail
 Furniture- Modular
 Garden & Lawn Equipment & Supplies
 Garden Tools
 Garment Hangers
 Garments Readymade- Wholesale
 Garments Stock Lots
 Gas Appliances
 Gas Boosters
 Gas Burners- Supplies & Parts
 Gas Cylinders Manifolds & Pipeline Systems
 Gas Distributors
 Gas- Natural- Liquefied
 Geared Motors
 Gears- Reduction
 Generators- Manufacturers
 Giftwares- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Giltware- Retail
 Glass- Stained & Leaded
 Golf Equipment & Supplies- Retail
 Golf Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Granite Processing Machinery
 Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies
 Greeting Cards- Retail
 Exporters- Engineering
 Exporters- Fabrics
 Exporters- Industrials
 Fabrication- Household
 Facsimile Transmission Service
 Fasteners- Textile & Apparel
 Feed Dealers
 Feeders- Industrial
 Fibre Glass Products- Domestic
 Films- Industrial & Commercial
 Filter Presses
 Filters- Automobile
 Finance Companies- Licenced
 Financial Report Analysts
 Fire Alarm Systems
 Fire Alarm Systems- Manufacturers & Suppliers
 Fire Extinguishing Fluid
 Fire Protection Equipment
 Fire Protection Service
 Fish & Seafood- Wholesale
 Fish By- Products
 Flavouring Extracts
 Floors- Wooden
 Florists- Wholesale
 Flush Doors
 Foil & Foil Products
 Food Grains
 Food Service Management
 Food Supplements
 Foundries- Steel
 Foundry Equipment & Supplies
 Fountains- Garden display etc
 Frozen Foods- Retail
 Fruits & Vegetable Juices- Retail
 Fruits & Vegetables- Retail
 Fruits & Vegetables- Wholesale
 Fruits- Glace
 Furnaces- Heating
 Furnaces- Supplies & Parts
 Furniture Renting & Leasing
 Furniture Repairing & Refinishing
 Furniture- Custom Made
 Furniture- Outdoor- Retail
 Furniture- Outdoor- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Garage Builders
 Garbage Disposal Equipment- Industrial & Commercial
 Garment Accessories
 Garments Readymade
 Garments- Distributors
 Gas Appliances- Commercial & Industrial
 Gas Appliances- Servicing
 Gas Companies
 Gaskets- Industrial
 Gates Automatic
 Gears & Gear Cutting
 Gems- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 General Merchandise- Retail
 Generators & Alternators
 Generators- Commercial & Industrial
 Generators- Commercial & Industrial- Parts & Supplies
 Generators- Household/Portable
 Generators- Repairing
 Geographical Information Systems
 Gift Shops
 Gift Ware
 Glass Bevelling
 Glass Dealers
 Glass Grinding & Cutting Machinery
 Glass- Automobile,Plate,Window,Etc- Dealers
 Glass- Etched & Stained
 Glassware- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Greeting Card Manufacturers' Supplies
 Grinding Machines & Equipment
 Grinding- Precision & Production
 Grocers- Retail
 Grouting Compounds
 Guest Houses
 Gypsum & Gypsum Products
 Handloom Accessories
 Handloom- Distributors
 Hardware Manufacturers
 Hardware- Tools
 Hats- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Health Clubs
 Hearing Aids
 Heat Treating- Metal
 Heat Treating- Metal- Equipment & Supplies
 Home Appliances
 Horticultural Supplies
 Hose Couplings & Fittings
 Hotels & Motels- Out-Of-Town- Reservations
 House Cleaning
 Hydraulic Equipment & Supplies
 Hydraulic Presses
 Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
 Ice Cream Distrs
 Ice Cream Manufacturers' Equipment
 Ice Making Equipment & Machines
 Industrial Belting
 Instrument Cases- Retail
 Insurance Companies
 Interior Decorators & Designers
 Interlinings- Clothing
 Internet- Solution & Services
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale
 Electrolysis Equipment & Supplies
 Electronic Components- Manufacturers
 Electronic Digital Diaries
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Electronic Instrument & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Embroidery Machines
 Embroidery Supplies
 Engine & Boiler Room Supplies
 Engineering Equipment & Supplies
 Engineering Schools
 Engineers- Chartered
 Engineers- Electrical
 Engineers- Industrial
 Engravers Metal Industrial
 Engraving Equipment & Supplies
 Estate Management
 Excavating Contractors
 Executive Search Consultants
 Export Consultants
 Export Representatives
 Exporters & Importers
 Exporters - Coffee
 Exporters Food- Products
 Exporters- Chemicals
 Exporters- Fish & Sea Food
 Exporters- Granite
 Exporters- Timber
 Expositions Trade Shows & Fairs
 Fabrics- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Facsimile Communication Equipment & Supplies
 Fans- Electric- Dealers
 Fashion Designers
 Fasteners- Industrial
 Fax Transmission Service
 Felt & Felt Products
 Fertilizers- Organic
 Fertilizers- Retail
 Fibre & Fibre Products
 Fibre Glass Products
 Files & Rasps
 Film & T V Programme Producers & Distributors
 Filters- Air & Gas- Commercial & Industrial
 Filters- Air & Gas- Commercial & Industrial- Cleaning Servic
 Filters- Air & Gas- Residential
 Fire Extinguishers- Commercials & Industrial
 Fire Protection Consultants
 Fire Protection Equipment & Systems
 Fisheries Equipment & Supplies
 Flats & Building Promoters
 Flavouring Essences Manufacturers
 Floor Polish & Wax
 Floor Waxing Polishing & Cleaning
 Florists' Supplies
 Flour Mill Equipment
 Flour Mills
 Food Brokers
 Food Preservation Service
 Food Processing Equipment & Supplies
 Foods- Dehydrated- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Forging Equipment
 Forgings- Ferrous
 Franking Machines
 Fruit & Vegetable Brokers
 Fund Raising Organizations
 Furnishing- Commercial & Residential
 Furniture Cane- Manufacturers'
 Furniture Dealers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Furniture Designers & Custom Builders
 Furniture Frames
 Furniture Manufacturers
 Furniture- Fittings Fixtures & Accessories
 Furniture- Wrought Iron
 Fuses- Electric
 Games & Game Supplies
 Garment- Machinery
 Garments Readymade- Retail
 Garments Readymade- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Gas Detectors
 Gas Piping
 Gas Plant Equipment
 Gas- Liquefied Petroleum- Bottled & Bulk
 General Merchandise- Wholesale
 Generators- Electric
 Generators- Erection & Commisioning
 Generators- Hiring & Leasing
 Glass- Block Structural etc
 Glassware- Retail
 Glove Manufacturers'supplies
 Gold & Silver- Refiners & Dealers
 Golf Cources- Miniature
 Greeting Cards- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Grills - B2C
 Grocers- Wholesale
 Gunny Sacks
 Halls & Auditoriums
 Handicraft Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Handwriting Analysts
 Gymnasiums- Equipment & Supplies
 Hair Removing Equipment & Supplies
 Hand Dryers Electric
 Handicraft Supplies- Retail
 Handloom Fabrics
 Hardware- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hatcheries- Poultry
 Health Club Equipment & Supplies
 Health Foods- Retail
 Health Foods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Heat Exchangers
 Heat Transfer Materials
 Heaters- Unit- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Heating Equipment & Systems
 Hosiery- Cloth
 Hosiery- Retail
 Hospital Consultants
 Hospital Equipments- Maintenance Repairs And Servicing
 Hotel Equipment & Supplies
 Hotel Reservation Service
 Housing Authorities
 Ice Blocks- Manufacturers
 Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts- Dealers
 Ice Cream Manufacturers' Supplies
 Immigration & Naturalization & Consultants
 Importers & Exporters
 Information Bureaus
 Information Services
 Inks- Writing & Marking
 Instrumentation Contractors
 Instrumentation- Indicating & Control- Consultants
 Insulation Material- Electric
 Integrated Pest Management
 Interior Decorators- Turnkey Projects- Indl. & Comml.
 Internet Service Provider
 Investment Advisory Service
 Iron & Steel Merchants
 Iron Filings- Pulverized
 Jewellers- Manufacturers
 Jewellers- Retail
 Jewellery Castings
 Jewellery Mfg Tools
 Jewellery Polishing & Plating
 Jewels- Imitation Stones
 Jigs & Fixtures
 Journalists- Accredited
 Juice Extractors
 Kitchen Equipment & Supplies- Commercial
 Kitchen Equipment & Supplies- Household
 Knit Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Label- Woven
 Labelling Equipment
 Labels- Fabric
 Laboratory Equipment & Supplies
 Labour Contractors
 Laminations- Motors & Transformer
 Laminations- Plastic Paper Etc
 Lamp Making Machinery
 Leather Shoe- Uppers
 Library Equipment & Supplies
 Lighting Equipment- Emergency
 Lime & Lime Powder
 Liquor Stores
 Lottery Ticket Agents
 Lubricants- Automotive
 Luggage- Retail
 Machine Parts & Supplies
 Machine Tools
 Machinery Movers & Erectors
 Machinery- Parts & Supplies
 Machinery- Used
 Magazines- Dealers
 Magnets & Magnetic Devices
 Manufacturers' Agents & Representatives
 Martial Arts Instruction Centre
 Mattresses & Pillows
 Mattresses & Pillows- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Measuring Devices
 Meat Packers
 Media Brokers / Representatives
 Medical Practioners Eqpt & Supplies
 Medicines- Pranic Reiki Divine
 Meditation Instruction
 Men's Furnishings- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Merchant Bankers
 Metal Cutting Machines
 Metal Finishers' Equipment & Supplies
 Metal Perforating & Punching
 Metal Polishing
 Metal Shapes
 Metal Spraying
 Metal Treatment
 Microwave Equipment
 Milk Companies
 Mining Consultants
 Mirrors- Convex/Concave
 Model Makers
 Motion Picture Film Editing
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters
 Music Instruction- Instrumental
 Irrigation Systems & Equipment
 Jewellery Cases
 Jigs & Fixtures- Components
 Kalyana Mandapams & Amenities
 Labels- Paper
 Laboratories- Analytical
 Laboratories- Research & Development
 Laminar Flow Systems
 Lamination- Photo & Poster
 Lamp Shade Covers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Lamp Shades- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Lamps- Energy Conservation
 Lamps- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Landscape Designers
 Landscaping Equipment & Supplies
 Laundry Equipment
 Leather Goods- Retail
 Leather Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Light Bulbs & Tubes
 Lighting Fixture- Supplies & Distrs & Parts
 Lubricants- Industrial
 Luggage Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Machine Tools- Accessories
 Machine Tools- Repairing & Rebuilding
 Machinery & Tools- Designers
 Machinery Manufacturers
 Machinery Rebuilding & Repairing
 Machinery- Specially Designed
 Magnetic Inspection Equipment
 Mapping Service
 Maps & Globes
 Marine Consultants
 Marine Equipment & Supplies
 Marriage & Family Counsellors
 Measuring Instruments- Precision
 Medicines- Patent & Proprietary- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Melting Pots
 Merchandising Service
 Metal Cutting Equipments Systems
 Metal Detectors
 Metal Forming Machinery
 Metal Locating Equipment- Amateur Hobby Etc
 Metal Powders
 Metal Rolling & Forming
 Metal Working Machinery
 Meters- Repairing
 Microfilming Equipment & Supplies
 Milling Machines
 Modelling Schools
 Mosquito Net Fabric- Manufacturers
 Motor Cycles & Motor Scooters- Supplies & Parts- Retail
 Non-Destructive Testing Services
 Notions- Retail
 Novelties- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Office Furniture & Equipment- Dealers
 Office Furniture & Equipment- Manufacturers & Wholesale
 Oil Additives
 Oils- Edible
 Oils- Industrial
 Opticians- Ophthalmic (Optometrists)
 Ovens- Industrial
 Package Designing & Development
 Packaging Materials
 Packaging Materials- Industrial
 Painters' Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Painting Booths & Systems
 Paints- Anticorrosive
 Paper Box Board
 Paper Cutting & Drilling Machines
 Paper Dealers
 Paper Manufacturers
 Paper Products
 Paper Shredding Machines
 Patent Lawyers
 Pest Control Equipment & Supplies
 Pharmaceutical Containers Equipment & Supplies
 Photo Electric Cells & Equipment
 Photo Finishing- Retail
 Photographers- Commercial & Industrial
 Pickles & Pickle Products
 Picture Frames- Dealers
 Picture Frames- Manufacturers' Supplies
 Picture Frames- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Piling Contractors Equipment & Supplies
 Pipe- Cement
 Pipe- PVC- Dealers
 Plastic Bags- Custom Made
 Plastic Containers
 Plastic Products
 Plastics- Moulders
 Plastics- Raw Materials- Powders Liquids Colourants Resins E
 Plastics- Reinforced
 Plating- Replating Household & Misc Items
 Hardware- Retail
 Hassocks- Retail
 Health Club Equipment
 Hearing Aids- Accessories
 Helicopter Servicing & Maintenance
 Home Appliances- Servicing
 Home Nursing Services
 Hose & Tubing- Rubber
 Hospital Equipment & Supplies- Dealers
 Hotel Motel & Resorts Consultants
 Hydraulic Equipment Repairing
 Incense- Raw Materials & Supplies
 Incense- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Induction Heating Equipment
 Industrial Developments
 Inks- Manufacturers' Materials
 Institution Supplies
 Instrument Cases- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Insulation Materials- Cold & Heat
 Investment Schemes
 Iron Work
 Jackets- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Jewellers' Supplies & Findings
 Jewellers- Wholesale
 Jewellery- Imitation
 Key Makers
 Label Stock- Adhesive
 Labels- Plastic Metal Foil Etc
 Laboratories- Medical
 Labour Relations Consultants
 Laminates- Decorative
 Lamps & Lamp Shades- Retail
 Lamps- Supplies & Parts
 Landscape Architects
 Language Schools
 Latex- Liquid
 Lead Products
 Leather Clothing- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Leather Goods Manufacturers' Supplies
 Leather Working Machinery
 Legal Forms
 Liaison Agencies
 Lighting Consultants
 Lighting Fixtures- Retail
 Lighting Systems & Equipment
 Lingerie- Retail
 Liquid Level Controllers & Switches
 Locks- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Lubricating Devices & Equipment
 Luggage- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Machine Shops
 Magnetic Inspection Service
 Mailing Lists & Services
 Mannequins- Display Fixture
 Marble- Natural
 Market Research & Analysis
 Market Research & Analysis - B2B
 Material Handling Equipment & Supplies
 Mattress Pads & Covers
 Meat- Retail
 Meat- Wholesale
 Mechanical Contractors
 Medical Electronics
 Medicines- Patent & Proprietary- Retail
 Men's Clothing- Manufacturers
 Metal Rolling Machinery
 Metal Slitting & Shearing
 Metal Spinning
 Metals- Base- Dealers & Brokers
 Milling Cutters
 Mineral Processing Equipment
 Mining Brokers
 Mining Companies
 Mixing & Agitation Machinery
 Money Transfer Service
 Motorcars Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Customizing
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Parts & Repairing
 Motorcycles & Motor Scooters- Supplies & Parts- Wholesale &
 Music Instruction
 Music- Arrangers & Composers
 Musical Instruments- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Name Plates- Industrial
 Newspaper & Magazines
 Nurseries- Wholesale
 Nursing Homes
 Office Equipment & Supplies
 Office Supplies
 Oil Companies
 Oil Refiners
 Onion- Wholesale & Distrs
 Opticians- Dispensing
 Orchestras & Bands
 Oxygen Bar Equipment Manufacturers & Supplies
 Oxygen Therarpy Equipment- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 PABX Systems- Distributors & Manufacturers
 Packaging- Pouch Makers
 Packers & Movers- Industrial
 Music Shop- Retail
 Musical Instrument Accessories
 Musical Instruments- Dealers
 Mutual Funds
 Nails & Tacks
 News Service
 Newspaper & Magazines- Distributors
 Newspaper Agents
 Non- Woven Fabrics
 Nursery Equipment & Supplies
 Nylon- Rods Sheets Straps Products Etc
 Office & Desk Space Rental Service
 Office Furniture & Equipment- Renting & Leasing
 Oil Mills
 Oils- Cooking
 Oils- Lubricating
 Oils- Vegetable
 Optical Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Opticians' Equipment & Supplies
 Orthopaedic Appliances
 Oxygen- Medical
 Packaging Machinery
 Packers & Movers
 Packing & Crating Service
 Packing Machinery
 Packing Pads
 Paint Dealers
 Paint Removers- Manufacturers
 Paint- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Painting Contractors
 Panelboards- Electric
 Paper & Plastic Cups Containers & Utensils
 Paper Bags
 Paper Tubes & Cores
 Patent Attorneys & Agents
 Pearls- Retail
 Pearls- Wholesale
 Pest Control
 Pest Control Services
 Pet Shop Supplies
 Pharmaceutical Machinery
 Pharmacies- Homeopathic
 Phonographs- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Phosphor Bronze
 Photo Colouring
 Photocopying Machines & Supplies
 Photographic Colour Prints & Transparencies
 Photographic Equipment- Repairing
 Pipe Fittings
 Pipe- PVC- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Pipes & Pipe Fittings
 Piping Contractors
 Plantation Development & Forestry
 Plants- Retail
 Plastic Packaging
 Plastic Products (Finished)- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plastic- Welding
 Plastics- Distributors
 Plastics- Extruders
 Plumbing Contractors
 Plywood & Veneers- Retail
 Powder Coating
 Power Plant Consultants
 Pre-Print Processing
 Precision Moulded Components
 Pressure Gauges
 Printed & Etched Circuits
 Printers- Glass Metal Plastics Etc
 Printing Contractors
 Printing Equipment
 Printing Ink Machinery
 Projection Equipment
 Public Affairs Counsellors
 Pulp & Pulp Products
 Pumps- Domestic
 Pumps- Household- Installation & Service
 Pumps- Repairing
 Quilting- To The Trade
 Rainwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Real Estate Consultants
 Refrigeration Equipment- Commercial & Industrial
 Refrigeration Equipment- Commercial & Industrial- Servicing
 Refrigerators & Freezers
 Refrigerators & Freezers- Renting & Leasing
 Refrigerators & Freezers- Supplies & Parts- Retail
 Reiki Healers & Consultants
 Religious Books
 Religious Organizations
 Resins- Synthetic
 Rice Milling Machinery
 Road Building Equipment
 Rollers- Wooden Metal Rubber Etc
 Roof Structures
 Rubber Manufacturer's Supplies
 Rubber Raw Materials
 Rubber- Synthetic
 Safety Consultants
 Sandalwood & Sandalwood Products
 Schools- Academic- Elementary & Secondary
 Schools- Academic- Special Purpose
 Schools- Handicapped disabled retarted
 Schools- Montessori
 Schools- Technical & Trade
 Scientific Apparatus & Instruments- Manufacturers & Wholesal
 Plumbing & Heating Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Pneumatic Equipment Components
 Pneumatic Tube Equipment & Systems
 Polyurethane Materials & Products
 Poultry Equipment & Supplies
 Poultry Farms
 Powder Coating Equipment & Supplies
 Press Tools
 Pressed Components
 Printed Circuit Boards- Chemicals
 Printing- Pre Press Service
 Public Address Systems
 Publishers- Book
 Publishers- Periodical
 Publishing Consultants
 Punch Presses
 Quilts- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Radiators- Heating
 Radio Communication Equipment & Systems
 Razors & Razor Blades- Retail
 Real Estate Agents
 Recruitment Agencies
 Rectifiers- Electric
 Refrigeration Equipment- Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Manuf
 Rehabilitation Services
 Religious Goods
 Research Institute
 Rexine Materials & Products
 Roller Flour- Mill
 Roofing Materials
 Rubber Processing Equipment
 Rubber Products
 Rust Proofing
 Sales Presentations
 Scanning Equipment
 Seals- Hydraulic
 Second Hand Stores
 Security Consultants
 Security Services
 Seeds & Bulbs- Growers
 Sewing Machines- Industrial- Supplies & Attachments
 Share & Bond Brokers
 Sheet Metal Working Equipment & Supplies
 Shirts- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Shoes- Manufacturers
 Shoes- Retail
 Shopping Centres
 Silica Silica Sand Silica Gel
 Silverware Cleaning Repairing & Replating
 Slides & Film Strips
 Solar Water Heaters
 Soldering Equipment
 Sporting Goods- Retail
 Sporting Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Sportswear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Spraying Equipment & Supplies
 Stationery- Wholesale
 Steel Distributors & Warehouses
 Stock Exchanges
 Stoneware- Retail
 Storage Systems- Industrial
 Storage- Household Goods
 Structural Glazing
 Sugar Brokers & Wholesalers
 Sugar Producers
 Sun Control Polyester Film
 Surgical Appliances
 Survey Reports
 Surveyors- Aerial
 Surveyors- Marine
 Surveyors- Valuation
 Sweepers- Industrial
 Swimming Pool Designers
 Switches- Electric
 Synthetic & Blended Fabrics- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tachometers- Industrial
 Tarpaulins - B2C
 Tea Machinery- Manufacturers/spares
 Telecommunication Equipment- Maintenance & Service
 Telephone Answering Service
 Telephone Equipment & Supplies
 Temperature Control Equipment
 Testing Apparatus
 Testing Consultants
 Textile Designers
 Textile Mill Supplies
 Textile Processing
 Textiles- Khadi
 Thinners- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tile- Non Ceramic- Dealers
 Tiles- Designer- Concrete
 Timber- Wholesale
 Tool Holders
 Towels- Paper- Supply Service
 Towing Services
 Toys- Manufacturers
 Toys- Wholesale
 Trading Stamps
 Transport Agents- Trailer Transporting
 Paint Manufacturing Equipment
 Paint Manufacturing Materials
 Paint Rollers- Manufacturers
 Paper Converting Machinery
 Paper Distributors
 Paper Mill Machinery
 Paper Napkins
 Paper- Handmade
 Party Organisers
 Paving Materials
 Perforated Metals
 Perfume- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Perfumes- Raw Materials & Supplies
 Pet Shops
 Petrol- Wholesale
 Pharmaceutical Products- Raw Materials & Supplies
 Pharmaceutical Products- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Photographers- Aerial
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Retail
 Physical Therapists
 Pipe Bending & Fabricating
 Pipe Line Contractors
 Pizza Supplies
 Plastic Extrusion Products
 Plastic Pipes & Hoses
 Plastic- Vacuum & Pressure Forming
 Plastics- Foam
 Plastics- Machinery & Equipment
 Plastics- Scrap
 Plating Equipment & Supplies
 Plating- Industrial
 Plywood & Veneers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Polycarbonite- Sheets Profiles Films & Products
 Polyester Films
 Polyethylene Materials & Products
 Polystyrene Products
 Polythene Materials & Products
 Popcorn Machines
 Posters- Advertising & Display
 Poultry Feeds
 Poultry- Retail
 Poultry- Wholesale
 Pre- Fabricated Structures & Building
 Pressure Vessels- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Printers- Gravure & Flexography
 Printers- Offset
 Printing Supplies
 Product Design & Developments
 Production Control Systems
 Project Management Consultants
 Projectors & Video Conferencing Equipments
 Publishers' Representatives
 Publishers- Directory & Guide
 Pumps- Industrial
 Pumps- Metering
 Pumps- Supplies & Parts
 PVC Compounds
 Quarry Equipment- Parts & Supplies
 Radio Stations & Broadcasting Companies
 Rainwear- Retail
 Real Estate
 Real Estate Developers
 Refractory Materials
 Refrigerators & Freezers- Servicing
 Research & Development Agencies/Centres
 Ribbon Printing
 Rice Products
 Road Building Contractors
 Roofing Contractors
 Rotogravure Printers
 Rubber & Plastic Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Rubber Stamps
 Rubber Stamps- Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Safety Equipment & Clothing
 Sales Promotion Service
 Sand Blasting Equipment & Supplies
 Schools- Correspondence
 Scrap Rubber
 Screen Printing
 Seals- Mechanical
 Seating Companies
 Security Control Equipment & Supplies
 Seeds & Bulbs- Retail
 Semiconductor Devices
 Service Station Equipment- Servicing
 Service Stations- Petrol & Oil
 Sewing Machines- Repairing
 Sheet Metal Products
 Sheet Metal Specialities
 Shipping Lines
 Shoe Machinery
 Silk Twisting
 Silks- Retail
 Silverware- Retail
 Silverware- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Soapnut & Soapnut Products
 Soil Testing
 Sound Systems & Equipment
 Souvenirs- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Spark Arrestors
 Speech Improvement- Voice & Diction
 Spring Coiling Machinery
 Scientific Apparatus & Instruments- Repairing
 Scrap Metals
 Screw Machine Products
 Secretarial Services
 Security Equipment- Controls & Systems
 Security Systems & Devices
 Seeds & Bulbs- Wholesale
 Service Station Supplies
 Sewing Machines Household- Supplies & Attachement- Wholesale
 Sewing Machines- Household
 Sewing Machines- Household- Supplies & Attachments- Retail
 Sewing Machines- Industrial
 Sheet Metal Works
 Shippers' Cooperative Organizations
 Shoe Shining Equipment & Supplies
 Shopping- On Line
 Shutters- Household
 Silk Exporters
 Sirens & Horns
 Skiing Equipment- Retail
 Skin Treatments
 Soaps & Detergents- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Social Service Organizations
 Socks- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Sound Control Structures & Equipment
 Speech & Hearing Disorders- Corrective Training
 Sportswear- Retail
 Sprinklers- Garden & Lawn
 Stainless Steel
 Stainless Steel- Finished Products
 Stationery- Retail
 Steel Detailers- Structural
 Steel Processing & Fabricating Equipment
 Steel Tools/Alloys
 Steel Tubes- Pipe
 Steel- Bright Steel Bars
 Steel- Rerolling
 Sterilizing Service
 Stickers - B2B
 Stone Patching Materials
 Storage- Liquid & Bulk
 Studio Rental
 Surgical Appliances & Disposable Products
 Surveyors Land- Licensed
 Sweaters- Retail
 Sweets & Savouries
 Swimming Instruction
 Swimming Pool Contractors & Dealers
 Tailors' Trimmings & Supplies
 Tailors- Ladies'
 Tailors- Men's
 Tailors- Wholesale
 Tanks- Fibre Glass Plastic Etc
 Tapes- Sound- Prerecorded- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tea Machinery
 Telephone Accessories & Supplies
 Television & Radio Supplies & Parts- Wholesale & Manufacture
 Television Rental
 Television Tables & Stands
 Terra Cotta
 Textile Machinery
 Thermoelectric Equipment
 Thread- Gold
 Ticket Issuing Machines
 Tile- Ceramic- Contractors
 Tile- Non- Ceramic- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Tiles- Asphalt Cork Metal Plastic Rubber Tile Board Etc- Man
 Tiles- Concrete
 Timber Merchants- Retail
 Timber- Treating
 Timber- Used
 Tissue Culture
 Tool & Alloy Steel
 Tool Rooms
 Tools- Cutting
 Tools- Pneumatic
 Tooth Brushes
 Tourist Attractions
 Tourist Information
 Tourists' Homes
 Tractor Parts & Supplies
 Traffic Signs Signals & Equipment
 Trailers- Motor Utility Manufacturers
 Transport Equipment- Manufacturers
 Transportation Consultants
 Transportation- Liquid & Bulk
 Travel Bureaus
 Trust Companies
 Tubing- Metal
 Tutorials & Tutoring
 Tyre Recapping Retreading & Repairing- Equipment & Supplies
 Tyres- Solid
 Uniforms- Accessories
 Vacuum Flasks & Bottles
 Vending Machines- Parts & Supplies
 Veterinary Clinical Laboratories
 Veterinary Surgeons
 Video Conferencing Services- Commercial
 Video Digital Conversion
 Video Production Equipment
 Travel Contractors
 Tube Cleaning & Expanding Equipment
 Tube Fittings
 Typewriters- Renting & Leasing
 Typewriters- Repairing & Service
 Tyre Dealers- Retail
 Tyre Dealers- Wholesale
 Umbrellas- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Underwear- Men's- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Underwear- Women's- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Universal Joints
 Upholsterers' Workrooms
 Upholstery Fabrics- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Upholstery Leather
 Vacuum Cleaning Systems
 Vacuum Equipment & Systems
 Velvets & Velveteens- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Vending Machines
 Venetian Blinds- Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufactu
 Ventilation Equipment
 Vertical Blinds
 Video Equipment- Large Screen Projector
 Video Production Equipment- Renting
 Video Taperecorders- Equipment & Supplies
 Video Tapes- Prerecorded- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Vinyl Floorings
 Visa Service
 Voltage Stabilizers
 Warehouses- Private
 Water Heaters
 Water Level Controllers
 Water Mineral
 Water Resource Investigation
 Water Treatment Equipment Service and Supplies- Domestic
 Web Design,Hosting & Allied Services
 Weigh Bridges
 Welding Equipment- Renting
 Welding Equipment- Repairing
 Welding Generators
 Welding Wire
 Well Drilling
 Window Cleaning
 Windows- Wood Fibreglass Plastic Etc
 Wire Mesh Work
 Wire- Copper
 Wireless Equipment & Supplies
 Wood Bending
 Writing Instruments
 X- Ray Inspection Service
 Yarn Processing
 Yoga- Consultant/Therapist
 Zoological Gardens
 Video Tape Recorders- Repairing & Service
 Wallpapers & Wall Coverings
 Wallpapers & Wallcoverings- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Washing Machines Dryers & Ironers
 Washing Machines Dryers & Ironers- Servicing
 Washing Machines Dryers & Ironers- Supplies & Parts
 Waste- Cotton Wool Etc
 Watch Cases
 Watches- Parts & Tools
 Watches- Repairing
 Watches- Retail
 Watchmakers' Equipment & Supplies
 Water Coolers
 Water Filters
 Water Pollution Control
 Water Supply
 Water Supply Systems
 Water Treatment Equipment Service & Supplies
 Waterproofing Contractors
 Waterproofing Specialists- Industrial & Commercial
 Wedding Announcements & Invitations
 Welding Electrodes
 Welding Equipment- Manufacturers
 Window Shades
 Wines- Retail
 Wire Cloth
 Wire Netting
 Women's Accessories- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Woollen Goods- Retail
 X-Ray Apparatus, Supplies & Servicing
 X-Ray Films & Chemicals
 X-Ray Laboratories- Medical & Dental
 Yoga Instruction
 Springs- Coil Flat Etc
 Springs- Precision
 Stabilizer- Voltage- Manufacturers
 Stainless Steel- Fabricators
 Stationery- Manufacturers
 Stationery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Steel Alloys- Metal
 Steel Fabricators
 Steel Products
 Structural Consultants
 Structural Steel Fabricators
 Sun Control Devices
 Surface Plates
 Surveyors- Insurance
 Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies
 T-Shirts- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tanks- Metal
 Tapes- Adhesive
 Tapioca Products
 Tar & Tar Products
 Telemarketing- Service Bureaus
 Telephone Cabling Contractors
 Telephone Equipment & Systems
 Telephone Interviewing & Selling Services
 Television Dealers- Retail
 Television Maintenance & Service
 Television Programme Producers
 Television Supplies & Parts- Retail
 Television Systems & Equipment- Closed Circuit
 Temperature Measuring Materials
 Tents Manufacturers
 Testing Equipment
 Textile Fibres
 Ties- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tile- Ceramic- Dealers
 Tile- Ceramic- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Tile- Clay- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Timber Contractors
 Timber Equipment & Supplies
 Timber Saw Mills
 Timber- Retail
 Tools- CNC
 Tools- Electric
 Tools- Power
 Torque Wrenches & Accessories
 Tour Operators
 Tourist Guide Service
 Toys- Retail
 Toys- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Trade Schools
 Trailer Renting & Leasing
 Training Centre And Facilities
 Training- Outbound Learning
 Transport Agents
 Truck Refrigeration Equipment
 Truck- Body Building
 Tyre Recapping Retreading & Repairing
 Tyre- Manufacturers
 Underwear Trimmings
 Vacuum Cleaners- Industrial
 Vacuum Forming
 Veterinarians' Equipment & Supplies
 Veterinary Hospitals
 Vibrators- Industrial
 Video Conferencing Equipment & Systems
 Video Filming
 Video Production Service- Industrial
 Video Studio- Rental
 Video Tapes & VCD's Pre-recorded- Retail
 Waste Paper
 Waste Reduction & Disposal Equip- Household
 Waste Reduction & Disposal Service- Industrial
 Watch Straps & Bands- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Water Diviner
 Water Purification Service & Maintenance
 Water Treatment Chemicals
 Water Treatment- Resins
 Water- Distilled
 Waterproofing Contractors- Residential
 Waterproofing Materials
 Websites & Page Development
 Weighing Machines
 Weighing Scales
 Welding Equipment & Supplies
 Welding Fittings
 Welding- Household & Misc Items- Repairing
 Welding- Industrial
 Winding Machinery
 Windows - Metal Wood Fibreglass Plastic Etc
 Windshield Wipers- Sales & Service
 Wines- Wholesale
 Wire Drawing Equipment & Supplies
 Wire Products
 Wire- Electric
 Wood Processing- Equipment & Supplies
 Woodworkers' Equipment & Supplies
 Writing Boards
 Yarn- Manufacturers
 Cement Manufacturing Equipment- Parts & Supplies
 Cement- Retail
 Ceramic Products- Decorative
 Chains- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Chairs & Tables- Renting
 Chairs- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Chemists- Mfg
 Chewing Gum
 Children's & Infants' Wear- Retail
 Chit Funds
 Church Supplies
 Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers- Retail
 Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco- Manufacturers
 Cigar Cigarette Beedi & Tobacco- Manufacturers
 Circuit Breakers
 Circuits Designers- Printed & Etched
 Clean Rooms- Installation & Eqpt.
 Cleaning Compounds- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Coconut Shell Products
 Coffee Brokers
 Coffee Dealers- Wholesale
 Coffee Roasting
 Coin & Currency Counting Sorting & Wrapping Machines
 Coins Dealers- Numismatics
 Colour Separations- Offset Photo Engraving Etc
 Commercial Paper
 Computer Accessories & Supplies
 Computer Components
 Computer Graphics
 Computer Peripherals Maintenance
 Computer Printers- Parts & Supplies
 Computer Programming Consultants
 Computer- Floors
 Concrete Breaking Cutting Sawing Etc
 Concrete Mixers
 Concrete Products
 Condiments & Sauces
 Conduit & Conduit Fittings- Electric
 Confectionery & Candy Manufacturers' Supplies
 Confectionery & Candy- Retail
 Confectionery & Candy- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Connectors- Electric
 Construction Management
 Consultants - Public Relations
 Consultants- Confectionery & Candy
 Consultants- Financing
 Consultants- Food Production
 Consultants- Human Resources Development
 Consultants- Technical
 Contractors- Building General
 Cooking Utensils- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Copying Machines & Supplies
 Corrugated Boxes
 Cosmetics- Herbal
 Cranes- Renting
 Credit Unions
 Cultural Organisations
 Currency Exchanges
 Curtains- Retail
 Custom House Brokers
 Cutting & Slitting Service
 Dairy Products- Wholesale
 Data Processing Service
 Dehumidifying Equipment
 Demolition- Building
 Dental Surgeons- Endodontists
 Dental Surgeons- Implantologists
 Dental Surgeons- Oral & Mannelioticial Surgery
 Dental Surgeons- Orthodontists
 Dentists- Oral Medicine & Radiology
 Department Stores
 Detective Agencies
 Diagnostic Equipment & Supplies
 Diamond Cutters' Equipment & Supplies
 Die Castings
 Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment
 Disinfectants & Germicides
 Display Boards
 Display Systems - Electronic
 Doctors' Equipment & Supplies
 Doctors- AIDS/HIV Infectious Diseases
 Doctors- Clinical Immunologists
 Doctors- Diabetes
 Doctors- Gastroenterology
 Doctors- General Surgery
 Doctors- Genetics
 Doctors- Naturopaths
 Doctors- Paediatrics (Child Specialists)
 Doctors- Pathology
 Doctors- Proctology (Rectum & Anal Diseases)
 Doctors- Radiology
 Dog & Cat Foods- Retail
 Dog Kennels
 Door Closers & Checks- Repairing
 Draperies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Dresses- Retail
 Dressmakers' Supplies- Retail
 Dry Fruits
 Dry Ice
 Dyes & Dyestuffs
 Earthmoving Equipment
 Educational Cooperative Organizations
 Electric Components- Manufacturers
 Electric Equipment- Service & Repairing
 Electric Heating Elements
 Electric Instruments
 Electric Instruments Manufacturers'
 Electric Motors
 Electric Motors- Dealers & Repairing
 Electric Supplies- Wholesale & Distrs
 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
 Electrical Switchgears- Servicing
 Electro Plating
 Electro Plating Equipment & Supplies
 Electronic Equipment & Supplies- Repairing
 Electronic Power Supplies
 Electronics Research & Development
 Elevators- Home- Installation & Service
 Elevators- Supplies & Parts
 Embroidering Machines
 Employment Contractors- Temporary Help
 Energy Conservation
 Engineering Consultancy Services
 Engineering Research & Development
 Engineers- Architectural
 Engineers- Chemical
 Engineers- Design & Process
 Engineers- Environmental
 Engineers- Mechanical
 Engineers- Power
 Engineers- Structural
 Environmental Conservation & Ecological Organizations
 Excavating Equipment
 Exercising Equipment
 Exporters- Garments
 Exporters- Handicrafts
 Fabrics- Industrial
 Facility Management
 Fancy Dresses- Rental
 Fans Electrical- Renting & Leasing
 Fashion Institutes
 Fence Materials
 Fencing Material- Retail
 Fertilizers- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Fibre Glass Fabricators
 Fibre Glass Materials
 Flameproofing Materials
 Flooring- Industrial
 Florists- Retail
 Flow Instruments
 Foam Products
 Foot Appliances
 Footwear- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Forgings- Non- Ferrous
 Frozen Foods- Wholesale
 Furniture Cleaning
 Furniture Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Furniture- Bought & Sold
 Furniture- Modular - B2B
 Galvanised Flats & Plates
 Garments- Job Work
 Gas Convertion Kit
 Gas- Industrial & Medical- Cylinder & Bulk
 Gas- Liquefied Petroleum- Bottled & Bulk- Equipment & Suppli
 Gear Boxes
 Geologists - B2C
 Gifts & Novelties- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Glass & Mirror Manufacturers
 Glass Bender
 Glass Circles & Other Special Shapes
 Glass Tempered
 Glassware- Industrial
 Glazing Compounds
 Golf Courses
 Grain Dealers
 Granite- Cast
 Graphic Designers
 Grilles Registers & Diffusers
 Grinding Wheels
 Gun Metals
 Hair Treatment
 Health Care Centres
 Health Care Products & Appliances
 Health Club Equipment & Supplies Retail
 Hire Purchase
 Home Improvements
 Homes- Institutional aged rest etc
 Honey- Retail
 Hose & Tubing- Flexible Metal
 Hose & Tubing- Rubber Plastic Etc
 Hosiery- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hospital Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Hospitals- Private
 Hotel & Motel Equipment & Supplies
 Hotels- Out of Town
 Housewares- Retail
 Housewares- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Housing Projects
 Hydroponics- Equipment & Supplies
 Ice Cream Cabinets
 Identification Cards
 Incense- Retail
 Industrial Equipment & Supplies
 Inks- Printing & Lithographing
 Inspection Bureaus
 Instrumentation & Control Panels
 Insulating- Varnishes
 Insulation Contractors- Cold & Heat
 Insulation Contractors- Domestic
 Insurance Consultants
 Interior Decorators' & Designers Supplies
 Interior Decorators' & Designers' Supplies & Accessories
 Interior Decorators- Turnkey Projects- Residential
 Internet Cafe
 Internet Services
 Investment Management
 Investment Securities
 Irrigation Systems & Equipment- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Janitor Service
 Janitors' Supplies
 Jewellery Designers
 Job Lot Merchandise
 Journalists(Photo)- Accredited
 Khadi & Khadi Products
 Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment- Household
 Kitchen Equipment & Appliances
 Knitted Fabrics
 Laboratories- Testing
 Ladders- Manufacturers & Distrs
 Laminating Equipment & Supplies
 Lamp Bulb Holders
 Landscape Contractors
 Law Books
 Lawn Mowers
 Lawyer Referral Service
 Leasing Service
 Leather Goods Accessories- Manufacturers & Suppliers
 Leather Tooling
 Letters- Sign
 Libraries- Circulating & Rental
 Life Preservers
 Lighting Fixtures- Supplies & Parts
 Lighting Fixtures- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Lighting Protection Equipment
 Liquor- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Machine Foundations
 Machinery- Rollforming
 Magazines- Subscription Agents
 Magnesium & Magnesium Products
 Marble Contractors
 Marine Electronic Equipment & Supplies
 Marketing Consultants
 Marriage Aid Bureaus
 Marriage Contractors
 Material Handling Equipment
 Mattresses & Bedding
 Mattresses & Bedding Manufacturers' Supplies
 Medical Service Organizations
 Medical Transcription
 Medicine Cabinets
 Metal Caps & Closures
 Metal Finishers
 Metal Specialities
 Metallurgical Equipment & Supplies
 Metals- Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
 Military Goods- Wholesale
 Mining Equipment & Supplies
 Mobile Homes- Repairing & Service
 Money Changers
 Mosquito Abatement
 Motion Picture Laboratories
 Multimedia- Business & Corp. Presentations
 Music Boxes
 Name Plates
 Neem & Neem Products
 News & T V Agencies
 Non Destructive Testing Equipment & Supplies
 Notaries- Public
 Novelties- Retail
 Nurseries- Retail
 Office Automation
 Oils- Essential
 Oils- Fuel
 Optical Fibres
 Optical Goods- Retail
 Packaging- Printing
 Packers & Movers- Household Effects
 Packing Materials- Mechanical
 Paint- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Pallets & Skids
 Pan Masala
 Paper & Pulp Mill Equipment & Supplies
 Paper- Corrugated
 Pattern Makers
 Personnel Consultants
 Petroleum Products
 Pharmaceutical Distributors
 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
 Photo Retouching
 Photocopying Machine Components
 Photographers- Portrait Weddings Parties Etc
 Photographic Equipment & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Piling Contractors
 Pillows- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Plastics- Fabric Film Sheets Rods Tubes Etc - Wholesale & Ma
 Plastics- Fabric Film Sheets Rods Tubes Etc- Producers
 Plastics- Fabric Film Sheets Rods Tubes Etc- Supplies
 Plastics- Fabricating Finishing & Decorating
 Plastics- Research & Consulting
 Plastics- Rods,Tubes,Sheets,Etc
 Plastics- Tooling
 Playground Equipment
 Playing Equipment Indoor & Outdoor
 Plywood & Veneer Machinery Equipment & Supplies
 Plywoods & Veneers- Manufacturers
 Pollution Control Services & Supplies
 Potatoes- Wholesale
 Pottery- Retail
 Power Plant Equipment
 Power Transmission Equipment
 Precious & Semi-Precious Stones
 Precision Castings
 Precision Tools
 Precision Turned Components
 Printed & Etched Circuit Board- Machinery Manufacturers
 Printing Equipment- Repairing
 Printing Press Machinists
 Process Control Instruments- Manufacturers & Dealers
 Property Maintenance
 Public Call Office- Local/STD/ISD
 Public Relations Counsellors
 Public Speaking Instruction
 Pumps- Agricultural
 Pumps- Chemical
 Pumps- Manufacturers & Distrs
 PVC Films
 PVC Sleeving & Tubing
 Quality Improvement Techniques
 Racks- Industrial
 Radar Equipment & Supplies
 Radiators- Automotive/Industrial
 Radio Broadcasting Consultants
 Radio Parts & Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Recording Service- Sound & Video
 Refrigeration Contractors
 Retirement Communities & Homes
 Rolling Mill Machinery
 Rubber Mixing Compounds- Manufacturers & Dealers
 Rubber- Foam & Sponge- Retail
 Rubber- Foam & Sponge- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Rust Preventives- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Safes & Vaults
 Sanitation Consultants
 School Furniture & Equipment
 School Supplies- Retail
 School Supplies- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Schools- Academic- Colleges & Universities
 Schools- Business & Secretarial
 Schools- Dental & Medical Assistants & Technicians
 Scientific Apparatus & Instruments
 Service Station Equipment
 Service Stations- Repairing & Service
 Sewage Treatment Equipment
 Shelving- Industrial & Commercial
 Shirts- Retail
 Shoe Manufacturers' Supplies
 Shoes- Industrial & Safety
 Shoes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Silk Processing
 Silks- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Silverware Containers
 Slotted Angle Materials
 Soaps & Detergents- Retail
 Societies- Cooperative
 Solar Energy Equipment
 Sound Systems & Equipment- Renting
 Spray Painting & Finishing
 Stainless Steel- Pipes & Tubes
 Starters- Electric Motors
 Stationers' Supplies
 Statistical Service
 Steam Specialities
 Steel & Brass Stamps
 Steel Mills
 Steel Processing
 Steel Products- Industrial
 Steel- Manufacturers
 Stock & Bond Brokers
 Stock & Share Brokers
 Stock & Share Transfer Agents
 Stone Natural
 Stone Processing Equipment- Manufacturers
 Stone- Crushed
 Strapping & Strapping Equipment
 Sugar Mill Machinery- Manufacturers
 Surveying Instruments
 Surveyors- Lands
 Swimming Pool Manufacturers & Contractors
 Swimming Pools
 Swimming Pools Maintenance & Service
 Switches- Electric & Electronic
 Switches- Time
 Tailors- Wholesale & Custom
 Tank Lining & Coating
 Tapes- Industrial
 Tax Consultants
 Technical Manual Preparation
 Tele Shopping
 Telecommunication Equipment & Supplies
 Telecommunications Consultants
 Telephone Information Services
 Television Channels
 Television Service
 Television Stations & Broadcasting Companies
 Textile Chemicals
 Textile Finishing
 Textile Machinery- Spares & Supplies
 Textile Merchants
 Textile Manufacturers
 Textile Manufacturers' Representatives
 Textile Printers
 Theatrical & Stage Lighting Equipment
 Thermographers' Equipment & Supplies
 Tiles- Industrial
 Timber Merchants- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Time Recorders
 Tin Containers
 Toilet Articles
 Tool & Die Makers
 Tool Chests Kits Bags Etc- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Tool Designers
 Tool Grinding- Industrial
 Tools- Carbide
 Tools- Electronic
 Tools- Repairing & Parts
 Tools- Steels/Alloys
 Tooth Powders & Pastes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Toy Manufacturers' Supplies
 Tractor Dealers
 Tractor Distrs & Manufacturers
 Trade Mark Consultants
 Trade Organizations
 Trading Companies
 Trailers- Transporting
 Transformer Oil
 Translators & Interpreters
 Transport Equipment- Parts & Supplies
 Truck Dealers- New
 Truck Repairing & Service
 Tube Bending & Fabricating
 Tyre Distrs & Manufacturers
 Ultrasonic Equipment & Supplies
 Ultrasonic Inspection Service
 Umbrellas- Retail
 UPS-Services & Repairs
 Vaastu Consultants
 Venetian Blinds
 Vibration Control
 Video Cassettes- Cleaning
 Video Games
 Video Libraries
 Video Production Service
 Watch Manufacturers' Equipment & Supplies
 Watches- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Water & Other Liquid Level Controllers
 Water Heaters- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Water Meters
 Water Purification Equipment
 Water Softening Equipment Service & Supplies
 Water Tanks
 Wedding Supplies & Services
 Weighing Equipment & Systems
 Weighing Scales- Domestic
 Welding Electrodes- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Wheel Alignment & Tyre Balancing Service
 Wigs & Wiglets
 Wire Forming & Working Equipment
 Wire Harnesses- Electrical
 Wire Mesh - Welder
 Wire Rope
 Wood Carving
 Wood Finishing Service
 Woollen Goods- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Workshop Equipment
 X-Ray Laboratories- Industrial
 Yarn- Retail
 Yarn- Wholesale & Manufacturers
 Youth Organizations & Centres
 Zippers- Manufacturers & Distrs